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Stamina 35-1205 Rower with Electronics

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Stamina Rower is solid


Have you resolved to "get in shape" for the New Year? Are you looking for a new fitness activity or a way to exercise at home? This Stamina 1205 Rower is a great option! I used to have a creaky old rowing machine with one of those noisy fans. I wanted to upgrade and looked into this one. It is reasonably priced for a good-quality rower. My cousin (who is fairly handy) was able to put it together for me with a limited amount of frustration. All the parts were there, and the instructions were accurate as a guide. I like the way you can adjust the resistance/tension for your workout. The rolling system is smooth and feels natural, like you're actually rowing, not doing some crazy mechanical motion. The fitness monitor tracks your speed, distance, strokes, and other stuff that you want to keep an eye on. The seat is reasonably comfortable, and the footholds pivot. The handles have foam grips so you don't get callused hands. I have been using this every other day for 4 months and have had no problems with it. I trust that I will be able to get replacement parts or assistance if anything breaks, so I am quite happy with the purchase. There is a 5-year warranty on the frame. As a general recommendation for those who haven't tried rowing, it's a great exercise option. It's a low-impact workout that uses all the major muscle groups, including the back, legs, arms, abdominals and buttocks. Since I do high-impact exercises (running, aerobics) on other days, this is a nice change but still provides an aerobic (lung) and muscle workout. If you're not familiar with the rowing motion, though, you should look at some images or videos online, because a lot of people have incorrect form. Rowing starts with a catch phase, followed by the drive phase, the finish, and the recovery. You just want to be sure to keep your back and arms in the right position. At any rate, I enjoy rowing and am pleased that this Stamina Rower facilitates this at home. I look forward to using to keep my New Year's Resolutions!

Dothan, AL


Stamina 35-1205 Rower with Electronics

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