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Top Load Washers
Staber System 2000 Top Load Washer

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The Staber System 2000 Washer is amazingly economical


We love our Staber System 2000 washing machine. I guess I didn't read all the instructions when I first got it because I kind of learned about it as I went along. I knew that it was a real water saver, but it is much, much more than that. For one thing, it only uses a fraction of the normal amount of detergent. I found that out, when after many loads of wash, I started getting suds coming out of the machine. It turns out that you are never supposed to use more than an ounce. Also, although it is a top loader, it rotates like a front loader, which is a lot less wear and tear on your clothes. I can put things in my Staber that I would never dare to put into a washing machine that agitates (like curtains). And the most amazing thing of all, is that you can service the machine yourself!  We didn't realize that until our machine stopped running (turned out that somehow a bunch of our daughter's bobby pins got stuck in the pump). We looked in the manual and it said to call and when we did, we got step by step trouble shooting information over the phone from the tech people and were able to fix the machine ourselves. Energy Efficiency This is the reason we bought this machine because it is supposed to be very energy efficient. It's a top loader, but it spins like a front loader and the clothes come out cleaner with much less detergent. Cleaning Time I think it takes a little longer than a standard machine, but maybe its the cycle I use. Performance I think it does a great job Ease of Use Very simple to use, once you get the hang of it. Design I'm not sure if you are talking about the looks or the mechanics. Looks-wise, I would have liked the plastic knobs and plastic trim to be more sturdy, they have broken and are chipped and have become a brownish color despite scrubbing which just rubs off some of the plastic. But the tub is great. I love that we can fix it ourselves. The wash is very good to excellent and it is amazing how little detergent it needs. Durability Nearly 12 years later, it seems to be going strong

Edmeston, NY


Staber System 2000 Top Load Washer

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