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Sta-bil Fuel Stabilizer

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A must to winterize gas!


I put Stabil fuel stabilizer in all of my gas containers and gas tanks right before the long winter months. This stuff will keep your gas from getting old and breaking down. It also keeps moisture out of your gas which can ruin your engine if you use bad gas.



For summer use Sta-bil let me down


I store my motorcycle in Yuma, AZ during the summer months.  Temps are in the triple digits for significant part of the period.  I added the improved version of Sta-bil to the gas tank and ran the bike for five minutes last April before placing it in storage.  Upon returning in October, the engine wouldn't start.  I then drained fuel from the float bowel, it was discolored and smelled of lacquer.  After getting some fresh fuel in the system the bike started immediately.  Lesson learned  - for this application this coming fall drain the tank and float bowel and start with fresh fuel. 

Yuma, AZ


Sta-bil in Fall makes lawn mower and trimmer happy in Spring


Trying to start the lawn mower and string trimmer in the Spring used to bring about memories reminiscent of Chevy Chase as he tried to illuminate his house with twinkling Christmas lights and they just sat there unlit. Except I don't have Santa and the reindeer to send airborne. I suppose that would not provide a great example to my kids, but oh it makes me so frustrated when I've got a job to do and the equipment will not work. At least the family isn't standing in the back yard talking about how washing machines work hard. Now that I use **Sta-bil**, I save time, energy, and money. Somehow I acquired the majority of the mowing and trimming responsibilities around my house. I actually enjoy the time outdoors, provided the equipment works. If I want exercise, I'd much rather teach an aerobics class than to work up a sweat pulling on the trimmer. I'm not exactly mechanically oriented. If gas, oil, carb cleaner, a walk around the storage building, and a prayer don't fix it, I'm probably out of luck and a quite a few bucks. Someone from a small engine repair shop suggested that I purchase **Sta-bil** fuel stabilizer and use it in at the end of the mowing season. Always looking to save a dollar and protect my sanity, I purchased **Sta-bil** at that time, and I have used it each year since then. I am happy to report that I have not had to visit that small engine repair shop again. Apparently, when gas sits in a lawn mower or string trimmer over a period of time such as during the winter season, it can cause all sorts of problems as the gasoline breaks down. It can cause the carburetor to become gummed up among other problems, which may result in a costly repair bill. Four ounces of **Sta-bil** will treat ten gallons of gasoline and costs approximately $6. You do the math. I suppose I could pour the gasoline out of the lawn equipment in the Fall, but that would waste perfectly good gas. **How to use it:** - Check the label to see how much **Sta-bil** to add to your gas can. - I bought the kind with a nifty gadget on the side. Just hold the bottle upright and squeeze. The fuel stabilizer will enter the side chamber with measurements on it. - Pour **Sta-bil** into your can of **FRESH **gasoline. It will not improve gas that has been sitting, but it will keep it from further degrading. If we're going to have to pay the crazy gas prices we have today, it's a good idea to do this right after purchasing the gas. - Pour the treated gasoline into your equipment and mow/trim as usual at the end of the season. - The website claims that Sta-bil will keep gas fresh for one year or two years if you double the amount of **Sta-bil** that you use. I don't know about anyone else, but I have to mow and trim more often than that, but I can vouch for it working over the winter months. - According to the website, it is safe to use with all gasolines and it is safe for fuel injectors and catalytic converters. - It works for 2-cycle (our string trimmer is 2-cycle--gasoline and oil mixed) and 4-cycle engines (our lawn mowers are 4-cycle--gasoline only) as well as any number of cylinders. - If stored properly, Sta-bil has a two-year shelf life. My father-in-law said years ago that he used to put moth balls in the gas tank and it would do the same thing. However, he also said that he used **Sta-bil** in later years. I never tried moth balls but welcome anyone who has experience with that to post a comment below. Actually, I welcome any of you who are reading this to post comments below! **My Viewpoint:** A happy lawn mower and trimmer makes for a much happier lawn caretaker at my house. I think that **Sta-bil** is worth every penny when I prepare to do yard work in the Spring and the equipment cranks on the first try.

Piedmont, NC


Sta-bil Fuel Stabilizer

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