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Anti-Aging Eye Creams
St. Ives
St. Ives Eye & Face Stress Gel

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I would absolutely buy this again. Ive used this for years.


I dab it around my eyes. At night and day! Very conforting and easy to use! Great results!


Brooklyn New York


Soothing gel for your face!


My wife is a skincare afficinado. She has a counter full of products ranging from high end to drugstore brands. When I ask what they are she insists they are "essentials". I have no idea what you are supposed to use. Whenever, I feel exhausted or puffy faced, my wife gives me a facial followed by some toner and always uses this St. Ives Eye & Face Stress Gel underneath and around my eyes. I have to admit it feels cool and soothing under my eyes when she pats it on. I am not sure how much it is or how effective it is in comparison to other products but I can tell you it feels nice and soothing when used on my skin. I also get compliments on my skin but that is probably due to my wife as she insists upon a good skincare regime. If she includes this product amongst all her other ones on her counter of goods- then I think it's a good one for sure!


Guilford, CT


St. Ives Eye & Face Stress Gel is like gold to me!


St. Ives Eye & Face Stress Gel is the best under eye product that I have ever found.  I have always been so self conscious of my puffy eyes and when I finally find something that really works, they discontinue the product.  It doesn't take very much at all to do what I've always looked for in a product like this.  I've spent lots of money for many years trying to find an under eye product like this.  I'm so disappointed they stopped making this.


Oxford, OH


Creates more problems than it fixes


Several years ago, I bought a tube of **St. Ives Eye and Face Stress Gel**, since I thought it would help keep my skin in good shape, with the stressful job I have.  The pale green, transparent gel comes in a 4 oz. plastic contained with a lid that flips closed.  Some of the ingredients, thought to reduce puffiness, fine lines and shadows, include cucumber extract, elastin, primrose extract, sunflower extract, and allantoin.  It is not a natural product and contains several artificial colorants, as well as fragrance. **What I like about it:  **It smells kind of nice and the color is really pretty.  When applied, it immediately cools skin, so it's nice after being in the sun or on a hard day at work. **What I don't like about it:  **Unfortunately, there are a whole slew of things that bother me about this gel!  First of all, it takes a few minutes to dry and doesn't absorb well.  It leaves a fine layer on top of my face.  That creates even more problems!  It makes my skin look shiny, and it's impossible to use under makeup.  If I use liquid makeup, it balls up, leaving "eye and face gel boogers" on my skin!  If I use loose mineral foundation, it looks like I covered my face in a layer of talcum powder, because it just sits on top of the sticky gel, rather than blending into my skin.  I don't see any difference in shadows, fine lines, and my skin actually feels drier after using this gel. I keep it in my gym bag, in case I need a little pick-me-up, but frankly, I almost never use's really just because I hate wasting things and can't bring myself to throw it away! This is a really disappointing product.  I do not recommend purchasing it, and I can't give it any more than two stars for the scent and the way it feels immediately upon application.  Otherwise, it's just not worth it.


Just outside Cincinnati, OH


Best Gel in the Entire World!


I think they  discontinued this, but this is the best eye  cream in the world and so cheap. It actually helps all face and reduces puffiness in less than 5 minutes. Does anyone  know where I can get it, I can't find it anymore. This helps me everytime i pull an all nighter for tests and I look as good in the morning. Leaves my face feeling smooth and not greasy like other moisturizers and facial creams. It absorbs quickly and there is no excuse of getting dirty. You can put it on without messing up anything because its clear!


Houston, TX


Seems to work...


So, I like St. Ives eye relief stress gel. I put it on at night, after I wash my face and it looks pretty gross and it feels worse - cold and jelly-like, but in the morning, I notice that the dark circles under my eyes are a little less noticeable. Or so I think. It's not a quantative value, so maybe I'm willing myself to believe that it works, but it sure seems to. After you put it on, you can feel your skin tightening a little. It's not uncomfortable or anything and it feels really nice after your allergies flare up or if you've cried for a really long time. As for the longevity of the product, I got mine back in August and today, in December I still have waaaay more than ¾ of the bottle left. It takes about 30 seconds to put it on, which is nice.




St. Ives Eye & Face Gel...Loves it!


I love St. Ives Eye and Face Gel...I have bad allergies which gives me puffy eyes 24/7 and this gel always takes away the puffiness. It also "tightens" around the eyes giving a mini lift incase you feel like you're having one of those days....Love this product would reccomend it to anyone!


Navarre, FL


Are you feeling a little puffy Bunky?


I love this product because I am an allergy suffer. If you get colds, have a good cry or even stay out to late the night before and wake up to puffy eyes you should give **St. Ives Eye & Stress gel**. **St. Ives Eye & Face Stress gel** has always worked for me. I have been using it for many years and I like that it isn't that expensive and it really works. I always have puffy eyes in the mornings and drives me nuts.  Just pat a few drops of St. Ives Eye & Face stress under your eye and I like to wait for about a half hour before I put my make up on and poof no more Puffy eyes and it really feels like it smooths it out. I have tried using just cucumber slices, but that can be hard to move around. (As soon as I sit down I think of something that needs to be done). With this gel you get the great bennies that cucumbers can can give you along with other natural ingredients. Pat on under your eye or if you want all over your face and do your thing without the worry of walking into walls (been there done it). I like St. Ives products because they are not tested on animals and it's natural. This product is good for all skin types and comes in a 4oz bottle, compared to a little 1oz jar that will cost you an arm and a leg. A product that I have used for years and love it because it works and is inexpensive. It can be found where ever St. Ives products are found.


Appleton, WI


St. Ives Eye & Face Stress Gel

4.3 8