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St. Ives
St. Ives 24 Hour Moisture Advanced Body Moisturizer

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It does what it says and then some!


I have tried just about every body lotion on the market, and have spent tons of money trying to find a quality product that works. From someone who's gone to the extreme of slathering vaseline on her legs, I am happy to announce that I've finally found a quality body lotion product that quenches my extremely dry winter skin. This body lotion lasts 24 hours, just as it claims. It's quick to absorb, without being too greasy. My skin feels well-nourished and hydrated after applying. It does not irritate my sensitive skin. It is very affordable, although I would pay twice the price for the quality of this lotion. This product surpassed my expectations and continues to hydrate without disappointment. This product is easy to apply, effective, and affordable. Scent Nice clean scent! Absorption Quickly absorbs and does not leave a greasy residue. Effectiveness Very effective and a quality product!



Quickly absorbing lotion


St. Ives 24 hour Moisture with hydrating formulated therapy is a lotion that goes on smooth, is quickly absorbed and lasts for 24 hours. Not only is it quickly absorbed into your skin, but also on your hands. So, you are not left with a greasy feeling that require you to wash off nor makes you sit there for minutes (which seems like hours) waiting on your hands to "dry". It does last for an entire day, so you have nice soft skin. The only "problem" is it is not intensive enough for those really tough patches like dry, cracked heels. It probably would work over time, but it would take longer to accomplish than some of the heavier duty lotions out there that were specially formulated to tackle those severe rough areas. If you just need a basic moisturizer or have typical dry skin, this would be perfect. It does keep you moisturerized very well. An added bonus, St. Ives is very reasonably priced.

Virginia Beach, VA


I love St. Ives Lotions for Extra Dry Skin especially in Winter!


I love this lotion because it truly does give my extra dry skin :-( a great feeling! :-) It goes on easily, without leaving you or your hands feeling greasy. It is a rich moisturizer for my body and at the same time doesn't leave my wallet feeling empty. Applied after my shower and I'm left feeling totally refreshed and my skin looks great!

Webb City, MO


The best body lotion!


I love St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer.  I have tried many different body lotion products over the years, but I have to say this one is the best!  I have been using St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer for many years now and everyone tells me my skin is so soft and they want to know what I use.  I use this body lotion every morning and it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.  It's thick, but not too thick.  It's not greasy at all.  It's very creamy.  It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin with just the right amount of moisture.  When you use this body lotion, your skin doesn't feel too greasy, and it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry either.  Also - a big plus - it's made in the USA!!!  Buying this product helps support our nation's economy.  And it's very reasonably priced and available almost anywhere you can buy lotion.  I would recommend St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer to everyone!

Denton, TX


Not bad, good value


I suffer from dry skin and need to use a good lotion nearly every day. I am also very sensitive to strong scents/perfums- they give me an instant headache. I have been reasonably pleased with the St. Ives 24 Hour Moisture Body Lotion for Dry Skin. It doesn't take ages to soak into your skin and doesn't leave much of a lotiony residue behind. I don't particularly like the scent, but it is mild and goes away fairly quickly. Plus, it doesn't smell girly, which my husband likes (he also has dry skin and needs to use lotion regularly). It moisturises fairly well. You don't need to use a ton of lotion at a time, so each bottle lasts a fair amount of time. It isn't that pricy, making it good value for money. I have been able to find it reasonably easily in the stores. So all in all, I don't feel pampered and sexy after using the St. Ives 24 Hour lotion, but it is a good every day lotion that doesn't cost a fortune.

San Antonio, TX


St. Ives Advanced is really just middle-of-the-road


In winter especially, with the cold outside and the dry heated air inside, I cannot possibly have enough moisturizers around, which is why I bought the 18oz. bottle of the plain (not firming or anything) St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer. I must confess, I was somewhat swayed by the St. Ives commercials that portray this as THE product for super-dry skin. After using it for a couple of months, I have to say its performance depends your definition of "moisturize". In my experience, what you get is a greasy film on your skin that stays there, rubbing off on the insides of your socks, for example, for the whole day. The skin doesn't feel as much moisturized as just covered up and smoothed over. The lotion does help with extremely dry skin, you know, when it's itchy already. The 18oz. bottle is convenient and works well, with a pump dispenser. Mine is parked on the vanity, among many smaller items, but because it's taller, it's not hard to reach.

Lincoln, NE


St. Ives 24 Hour Moisture Advanced Body Moisturizer

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