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Springmaid Luxury Towels

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Springmaid Luxury Towels ~ Luxury for Less!


Recently, I needed to buy new towels as it has been several years and our old ones were really getting tattered looking.  And in these unfortunate difficult times, money is defineatly a factor but there are some things I just can't skimp on and my towels are one of them. When I found the Springmaid Luxury Towels I was just thrilled!  They are so big and plush, it's like getting a great big hug every time you use them.  I've have washed my towels several times now and they are still just great and so absorbent.  And for the quality you get from the Springmaid Luxury Towels, the price is surprisingly low.  My whole family just loves these towels and we not only use them when we bathe but I also bought several for pool use only and they're just great!  If I had to come up with one negative thing to say about these towels , , , , it would be the fact that my son's friends seem to always forget to bring their own towels now when they come over to go swimming.  Call me crazy . . . . but I don't remember having to wash so many towels from the pool area as I seem to have to now . . . . I think they love my towels too!  Try em . . . . bet you'll love em too!  For the price . . . . you can't go wrong!

Orange, CA


very nice towels


these are very nice towels and they are great to use for any occasion. i like that they come in different sizes too. i have a wash towel, a face towel, and a big body towel as well. these towels are strong and they do not fray easily. i have had my set for a few months and they still look very nice. i am happy to bring these towels out when i have guests because they look nice and i know that they are nice to use. i like the cost of these towels as well. i was on a tight budget when i bought them so i was wary as to what they would be like since they were cheap. i was worried for nothing because they are very nice. the towels have a color that does not fade even after they have been in the washer and dryer numerous times. the towels are so nice when they come out of the dryer because they are extra warm and soft. these towels dry very quickly after i use them when i come out of the shower and  they also stay clean for quiet a while.

Virginia Beach, VA


Springmaid Luxury Towels

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