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Spring Valley
Spring Valley St. John's Wort

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very good , seems to help


very good , seems to help, since you can't prove it one-to-one, whether it is through the St. John's wort a triggered improvement there or not, it is to rate a little bit hard to the product. but I think that's it at least a support is and it will resist to buy




This is an excellent mood enhancer


I love Spring Valley St.John's Wort, I have been taking this supplement along with my other vitamins and it works incredible. It has helped improve my winter blues dramatically. St John's Wort is mainly used as a mild anti-depressant, but can possibly treat more here are some other things which may be improved by taking St. John's Wort, menopausal symptoms, stomach pains, Muscle and nerve pain and may even help an open wound heal faster leaving behind a minimal scar. But as with any other vitamin, there is some side effects as well. Certain medicines do not blend well with St. John's Wort and some people should not take it such as pregnant women, people who are bipolar and people who are dealing with infertility or other medical issues should always ask a physician before taking this or any other supplement. What works good for others might not work good for you.




Not effective for serious or recurring depression!


If you suffer from depression and or anxiety, I do not recommend St. John's Wort! I took it for a least one year to treat my depression. I did not notice any significant relief from my depression at all. In fact, my depression only worsened. I took it as the bottle directed. I finally went to a doctor and was prescribed real anti-depressants and I felt so much better! I felt better within a few days of taking them. St. John's Wort might be effective for someone with minimal depression, but I do not recommend it. Also, ladies, please investigate and do your research, St. John's Wort often makes birth control NOT work. Please do research before trying to take any herb to treat a problem. Sometimes people recommend them just because they are 'natural.'




Almost ALMOST as effective as anti-depressants


The reason I say almost ist that taken alone it can mimic the effectiveness of presription antidepressants to a certain extent.  You must make sure that there is 2 percent hypercin for SJW to be effective.  I found that taking my St Johns Wort along with 5HTP is really effective at fighting the blues.  The 5HTP almost makes you perky and giddy to an extent, which I am NOT either of those types of people.  You are supposed to take two during the day and one at night.  I have found that taking the one at night keeps me up.  Also I have had some bizzare dreams after taking these pills at night.   Sun exposure is also a risk you are taking because it can interact with the St. John's Wort.  Always consult your doctor before getting off of prescription anti-depressants.  I am also still taking a prescription anti anxiety pill.  I have not found an effective replacement for those.  But St. Johns Wort is great for fighting the blues without side effects and anybody wanting to kick the RX meds should do so very slowly and methodically and with much thought and research involved before doing so.


Somerset, KY


Spring Valley St. John's Wort

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