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Spring Valley
Spring Valley L-Lysine

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love l-lysine for cold sores


love l-lysine for the stopping of cold sores,easy to swallow tablet,and it makes getting a cold sore less uncomfortable.when using,it doesn't last as long.

new bethlehem,pa


cold sores beware, lysine is in town!


I usually get a cold sore three or four times a year, especially in winter and i have tried all kinds of remedies including oral ointments of all kinds. and though they work they take awhile to get the job done and only after the cold sore has gotten big and annoying. So one day a friend of mine told me about Spring Valley brand L-Lysine and said how well it helped her cold sores to disapear and also not reapear so i got a 500 mg bottle, about 100 tablets. you are supposed to take one pill up to two times daily and on the bottle its for immune health. So at the first sign i was getting a cold sore i popped a lysine and followed the directions. not only did the sore not get any bigger it started healing faster than ever before with the gels. lysine is an essential amino acid not fund in the body but supports immune health especially in skin and lips according to the bottle and boy does it! I actually haven't had a cold after that initial one and have been very impressed with the results (fyi that was last year that i had my last cold sore) I don't claim this will work as good for others only that it had great results for me and others I know who have taken it.

Republic, MO


L-Lysine Immune/Skin Health


I have sufferered since I was a child form Mouth Ulcers. They are very painful.For a long time I went without getting any. But sometime during my adult hood I started getting them again. I would have 3 to 4 at a time. I would speak to the Doctors and Dentist about the. They would tell me to use salt water to rinses my mouth. It makes them feel better but burns like heck. I've also been told to try Mylanta and Benadryl mixed together. It helped also. I tried ever numbing agent know to man to numb  them just so I could eat. I just wasn't satisfied with what the doctors wasn't doing. I felt like there is a under line cause to why I keep these little burgers in my mouth. I started doing my own research. Couldn't really find a answer as to why I get them but I did find a supplement to help control them. L-Lysine. This has helped me so much. I started taking it on a Sunday and by that Wednesday they where all gone. I still get one or two every now and then but not like I did before taking this product. I take one every morning before I eat. It has to be took on a empty stomach. Then I take one at night before dinner. I'm not recommend this to anyone. Talk to your Doctor before taking it.

Moulton, AL


Spring Valley L-Lysine

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