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Spring Air
Spring Air 4S Malibu Plush Mattress

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Its wearing out a lot faster than it should be.


I bought this mattress in Feburary/March of 2007. It hasn't even been a year yet and it seems to be lumpy already. I didn't put a matress cover over it, but I guess I should have, as the mattress is tearing. I signed up for the product warranty, but it only covers your mattress if there are 2" body indents in it.

Temple, TX


Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!


Okay heres the deal.  I bought a queen sized Englander mattress on a recommendation from a friend, who has had hers for many years and still loves it. Mine is a piece of garbage, it sags so badly that I rolled into the middle of the bed.  So of course I complained to the store I purchased it from two days after I purchsed it. Guess what they refused to take it back. They pointed to a sign that said no returns to the store, mattresses must be return to the manufacture. Oh Great, now I not only have to pack this beast to ship it to Englander but I have to pay for the shipping out of my own pocket. Then I find out from the manufacture that they will only tear the matttress apart to fit the problem ONLY if they feel there is a problem. Otherwise I am out of luck! So I givethis mattress and the manufacture a BIG THUMBS DOWN!!! I have put 4 inches of hard styrofoam between the mattress and box springs which corrected the sag. Think about it... 4 inches of hard foam to correct the problem. This mattress is junk! I am saving up to replace it as soon as I can.     

San Jose, CA


Englander Malibu, falls apart after one year.


Don't buy one of these mattresses. They feel great in the store, and the pricepoint is very attractive, yet they wear out incredibly fast.  And when they do wear out, the company doesn't stand by their product.  Do yourself a favor, spend a little more and go with a reputable brand instead.  There is a big difference. I have a Queen Malibu Pillowtop model which has a huge depression in the middle of it.  Customer service is nonexistant, warranty involves you being without a mattress for a week where they "repair" it, instead of taking ownership of the problem that they use sub-standard innerspring materials, they pass the buck.   Initial cost was less than the competition, however where a Serta, Sealy or Simmons will last you 10 years, this one will last you 1 year making the savings negative over the total cost of ownership. Save yourself some time, much headache, and immense backaches and buy a real mattress from a reputable manufacturer...  you'll be glad you did.

Santa Barbara, CA


My Englander Obsession caused much unrest - not recommended!


I purchased my king size Englander mattress set on sale in Dec 2006. After a few months the mattress began to sag on either side, where my spouse and I lay leaving a hump in the middle of the bed; the spots do not bounce back even after a few hours. Additionally, it does disapate heat as it should. Both of us have suffered back problems to the point that we intermittantly sleep on the sofa. After the 2 years and too many nights of restless sleep we invoked the 15 year gaurantee. The man from the store we purchased the Englander from came out, measured, and stated that the mattress was visibly lower on one side than the other and he could see the dips on both sides. A couple of weeks later we received a letter telling us there was nothing wrong with our mattress and the dips were normal impressions to be expected. They would do nothing for us.

Cocoa, FL


We love our Englander


I bought a Lady Englander pillow top mattress and I love it. I have had it about 9 years and it hasn't developed any body impression at all. My Serta I had before didn't last even 8 months. This is one heavy-duty mattress. It doesn't sag on the edge where I sit every morning trying to motivate myself into actually getting up. I also liked the added bonus that it was made completely in the United States, not shipped from outside the US in parts then assembled here. I looked around at a lot of places and found many mattresses that were more expensive that didn't have nearly the comfort level that this model did. You really cannot believe how well I sleep since I got this thing. Sometimes I will wake up in the same position I went to bed in. That never happened when I owned a Serta. All in all well worth the price, which was quite reasonable compared to others in its class. I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

Johnson City, TN


love them !!


I have a house full of englander mattress'.  Each one better the the other.  I move up on quality and comfort and now have a beautiful king size, when I started with a queen.  My grandchildren have twin size and they sleep fully undisturbed.  It is like sleeping like a marshmallow:)

Stockton, CA


Spring Air 4S Malibu Plush Mattress

2.7 6