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Spray n' Wash
Spray n' Wash Dual Power

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amazing stain removal!


Spray and wash dual power works awesome. I first got this years ago when I was trying to get mold stains off a stroller I loaned to a friend. I paid a fortune for the stroller which was light pink with a flower pattern on it. It was in perfect condition and brand new when I loaned it out and when I got it back it was stained badly. She had left it on her porch and it was stained badly. I tried lots of stainremoval products from the laundry isle and nothing was touching the stains. I ended up finding this stuff and it took every stain off the stroller. I just squirted a small amount on the stains and rubbed it in and washed it in the washer. Normally mold and mildew stains don't come out of fabrics but with this it's possible. Its a little expensive but worth the price because of how effective it is and you also don't need much. It works on grass stains and ground in dirt too! It's definitely worth buying and I recommend it highly.




Pricey And Hard To Find, But Worth The Time And Cost.


Spray n' Wash Dual Power is a mommy lifesaver! I have yet to find a single stain it won't remove. I recently dug a bunch of my oldest child's baby clothes out of storage so I could use them for my third child and I was extremely disappointed to dicover that most of them had been horribly stained by a water and mold thanks to a crack in the roof of the shed. I tried every product and home remedy I coukd find but 90% of the clothes were a total loss. Then a friend gave me a bottle of Spray n' Wash Dual Power. It was amazing! There were still a couple items damaged beyond repair, but most of the clothes were suddenly saveable. My only complaint is that Spray n' Wash tends to be on the pricier side compared to similar products, but it's worth every cent for what it does. It is also very difficult to find. I only found one store that carries it. Lack of availability is probably what contributes to the high price.




Spray n' Wash Dual Power

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