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Sportdog Sport Hunter Electronic Dog Training Collar SD 800

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Did not stop my dog from barking


I bought the Sportdog Electronic Dog Training Collar in an attempt to stop my dogs barking and to help train her to return on command (she is a cat and rabbit chaser). This unit came with a receiver attached to the collar that was placed around the dogs neck. There is a handheld unit that you use to administer the correction (a.k.a. shock). The receiver has props that stick out so they would come in contact with the dogs skins. The props screw into the receiver. I did find that my dogs long hair did get tangled in the probes some times and I pulled out a small bit of hair from time to time. I wanted one that was water resistance as we go to the lake. Did not work for what I wanted it for. I think it didn't work because her will to bark was stronger than mine to shock her. I felt bad every time I had to shock her that I finally gave up. It did appear to get her attention but I just did not stick with it.

Beverly Hills, CA


Sportdog Sport Hunter Electronic Dog Training Collar SD 800

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