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Spirit of America National Bank - Fashion Bug

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Great card to use at a great store!


Fashion Bug is a very easy store to be able to get their credit card at. This is perfect for someone who is new to credit and has none, or even someone who has had a bad credit history in the past and is trying to rebuild it. They usually open it with a very low limit if you are credit new or credit challenged. Fashion Bug has a lot of clothes in a wide range of sizes that are not extremely expensive so even if you get a low limit you can still get quite a bit of stuff. The interest rate is going to be very high, mine is high and I have great credit. This is a store card and they will kill you with interest if you do not get it paid off in reasonable amounts of time. I call and make my payment by phone for this card every month and I have never had anything less than amazing customer service from the agents on the other end, they are always very helpful to get my payment made and thank me for my business and make sure that there is nothing else that they can do for me. I enjoy this card and love to use it!



Good lil Card!


I have had this card for over a year and I must say the perks out way the interest charged. that being said I warn those with bad credit scores as you will be paying 24.99% apr if you decide to apply for the card. also there is a $25 dollar fee to be a premier card holder but it is worth it when you get special 40% sales only for you! also you will get different coupons threw out the year to help budget your card. I would recommend paying your account at the store when ever possible so you can earn more points. If you are thinking about shopping online you'll also be given a special discount, thou I have not done so. I always have to try things on before I buy and I feel its easier just to go to the store then to have to ship things back. All in all I'd say they treat you fair if you have had a charge on your account that you did not make. I know it sounds weird to say but if your worried about people being able to use your card you don't have to worry with this card. Available Rates 24.99 no matter your credit score

Waterford, MI


Great Coupons to Credit Card Customers!!


This card is worth having just to put you on their mailing list!  Throughout the year they send coupons for $10 off a $25 purchase and MANY times you'll get one for $10 off a $10 purchase.  Makes shopping a lot more fun.  This is for their free basic credit card.  They also have one you can pay to have that accumulates points, gives you different coupons, etc.

York, PA


Spirit of America National Bank - Fashion Bug

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