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Spinmaster Zoobles

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So cute but quirky too


My girls are big fans of zoobles. You put the ball shaped creature on the base and it opens when it reacts to the magnet inside of the toy and base. Its a toy that has no real function besides imaginary play (which isn't entirely a bad thing) They girls love them and I am guilty of playing with them a few times myself. My youngest is getting this package as part of her christmas present and I am sure she will have a blast when she opens it.

Boynton Beach, FL


Zoobles are adorable!!!


These are so cute, each one looking and opening different than the next.  My girls loved playing with their brother bakugan just because of how they opened and closed however now they have thier own little toys that are similar.  They are colorful and amazing, my girls hate to leave the house without them. 

Eudora, KS


The spinmaster zoobles looks more fun than it is.


Its really just another colorful piece of plastic. The child bought it for enjoyed it while it was new, but then realized she had a million other toys just like it. The name does not sound like a licensed product, but more a character from a childrens tv show. Its neat how it has that whole opens up feature thing, but it really loses its novelty with the children quick. i suggest finding something that makes it more unique from the thousands of other items down the toy isle. It seems to have enough appeal with the kids that if i were to buy one as a gift the child would be thrilled, but i doubt a kid would ever pick one out from the toy isle. Might i suggest redesigning the characters just a tad to drift more away from the goofy, bizzare image they currently have to perhaps like a more cute image. One must think- what demographic is this toy currently aimed at, kids? Thats to vague, go cute for little girls or action for little boys and even from there you could develop it more.

Bakersfield, CA


this is bakugan for girls. its fun and hip. everyone's into it


Spinmaster zoobies are the next big thing! they are cute, little, hip and just cute enough honestly to make even adults wan t to collect them! they come in mainly some form of pink and eachone is a different animal, making it your typical child's goal to collect them all. they are a girl's version of the latest trend called bakugan. these will no doubt take the market by storm. 

Oklahoma City, OK


Zoo Marble = Zoobles... Ingenious!


A really cute toy that has a surprise... Zoobles first look like marbles but when you put them on top of the little hut it comes with, they pop open to reveal a cute animal! It's a clever way to conceal the toy, but I'm afraid that they'll roll away and get lost or stuck behind the couch, or become a choking hazard so watch your kids when they play with these!

Wheeling, IL


Spinmaster Zoobles

4.2 5