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Spinmaster Stink Blaster Gun

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Kids will love it - you will HATE it


Oh man I hope you did not spend your money on something that is gonna make you want to puke. My son loves this toy. Bought it for him for Christmas because we thought it would be funny. It makes you turn purple alright but not from laughter, from the putrid horrific smell!! The Stink Blaster is a gun the shoots a puff of air up to 20'. In the front of the gun there is an opening for one of the "stink" cartridge's. Once you place it in there you pull back on the handle (which is tough for the little ones, mine even pinched his finger once trying to do it) and pull the trigger and "POOOOF" it shoots a gust of ranky goodness your direction. Not being able to handle the smell, I took out the horrible no good cartriges and put them in a ziploc bag and in a drawer. For some awful reason the plastic must have intensified the smell. Of course this is one of my sons favorite toys. I no longer have a sense of smell and the whole house smells like garbage. Thank you Spinmaster. Anything for the kids though, right?

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Spinmaster Stink Blaster Gun

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