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Spinmaster Moon Sand - All

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One amazing idea.


Moon sand is the best craft I have found. It is not messy, and will not clump when wet. I love this for small children. My kids would play for hours on end with moon sand. It is easy to pick up so messes were easy to maintain. The shapes they would mold would hold well enough together that they could play with them like toys. They could make people and houses. They made a little car type thing to transport their people they molded. This really got them thinking about what they could build. The only down fall is it mixes just like play dough And turns a gray color. I would strongly recommend this to others, especially daycares and schools . It doesn't dye hands the color they are playing with and it is very easy to pick up.




a no mess way to keep kids busy


hi   i just wanted to let all the parents out there that the newest cradting toy out there is moonsand  something like playdoh but no mess of any kind  my kids love it and dont get bored as soon as other crafts  a thought for christmas   judy


wautoma, WI


Moon Sand is a lot of fun!


Moon Sand is a lot of fun.  It is a mix between paly-doh and sand. It can be molded and shaped like play-doh but it doesn't dry out! There are several colors to choose from. However, my 3 yr. old usually ends up mixing them together for a new color. We built a small "sandbox" out of wood for the moon sand to stay in.  He plays it only in the kitchen, outside, or in the garage. It can get every where because it sticks to their shoes,socks and clothing pretty easily.  It does wash right out of clothing though!! I will be buying more of it this Christmas!


Winder, GA


This is simply a great product.


Moon sand is so much fun!  We played with this for about an hour the first time.  We used the farm molds that came ith it and also som cookie cutter molds that we had.  Moon sand really holds it shape, and it floats in water.  The product seems pricey at first, but when you factor in the durability it realy is worth it.


Sackets Harbor, NY


Messy, but tons of fun!


I like this product alot.  There are a lot of different things my son can make with this.  Its like having a sand box in the house.  It does get a little messy (its easy to track around the house)  so I suggest use at the kitchen table, but overall its a good product.


Revere, MA


Moon Sand is nothing but a big mess!


We received Moon Sand as a gift. The kids were excited to open up the box because they'd seen commercials on television for the product. Unfortunately, the whole thing was very disappointing. When we opened the box, we found a few bags of colored sand, some plastic molding tools, and a small plastic mat. After opening the sand there was no way to reseal it, so we tried using twist ties somewhat successfully. The plastic mat was also nowhere near sufficient for keeping the sand in one place. Just like going to the beach, the sand got everywhere! After all that, the sand did not even hold together in the molds. You are supposed to press the sand into the mold and then pop it right out. As soon as anything was removed from the mold, it became a handful of sand again. My kids were very disappointed and lost interest quickly. Perhaps somehow we got a 'bad batch' but I would not recomment this product to anyone. It was messy, not entertaining, and not worth the price I've seen it sold for.


Fort Worth, TX


Moon Sand is impossibly messy!


My 6-year-old had been begging my husband and I to get her moon sand after seeing a commercial for it during Saturday morning cartoons. We are usually pretty careful about allowing the kids to watch commercial TV, but this did manage to get on her radar. After much asking...and begging...and pleading...we finally broke down and bought her the stuff. After looking it over, we decided it would probably be a good idea to set our 2 girls up with it at their little outdoor picnic table *outside!* Well, even outside this stuff is just an impossible mess. It got **everywhere!** It is sticky, but it doesn't stick together well. It is impossible to keep the colors separated. My daughter was quite dissappointed with it. She could not get it to stay molded together at all. She kept saying, "this is not like the commercial at all":( My husband and I took the opportunity to explain to her that many times commercials will make a product look better than it is. She took away a lesson from our moon sand experience...Manufactors are trying to get us to buy their products, but you can't always trust commercials!


Starke, FL


Kids love it. Moms do not!


My son got Moon Sand for Christmas from his aunt and he was so excited about it because he made seen the commercials and really wanted it.  I was excited for him too... at first.  He loved it and played with it for hours.  BUT... the mess... oh the mess!!  It is so hard to clean up after kids play with this stuff.  It gets in the carpet... and oh... it is a mess.  My little boy LOVED it... I did not.


Nicholasville, KY


Great for kids..horrible for mom.


Great fun for the kids but this is the messiest toy ever.  And it is extremely hard to clean up.  So if you want sand all over your house for weeks and weeks then this is the product for you!  If not...take my advice and skip this product.


Brighton, CO


moon sand is great my 5 year old daughter loves it.


   my daughter just loves her moon sand she will play with it for hours. I like it too because it is fairly easy to clean up and it won"t get stuck in the carpet like play doh does. If stored properly it never dries out either which means more fun later. this is a great toy and i will buy it again.


Saint Clair, MO


Spinmaster Moon Sand - All

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