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Speed Stick
Speed Stick Pro Skin Antiperspirant

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Speed Stick Pro Skin Deodorant is Effective Against the Elements


One brand of deodorant I have been using for decades is Speed Stick. Most everything Speed Stick produces is average or better and its products are among the easiest deodorants to find. Speed Stick offers many different varieties and one of the good ones is **Speed Stick Pro Skin Deodorant.** **Deodorant Facts and Commentary:** Speed Stick Pro Skin Deodorant is a freshly scented deodorant and antiperspirant that is specially made for those with more sensitive skin. Some people develop rashes and experience other types of irritation when they use deodorant. This product was made to help eliminate those problems. Speed Stick Pro Skin Deodorant is milder than other deodorant, but it is still effective at odor and wetness protection. Just a single application is good for a full day of protection in the odor and wetness categories. I do find that the fresh scent starts to fade in the second half of the day, but the odor protection is still in force. Speed Stick Pro Skin is moderately priced, which is good, and coupons are frequent. It is, however, a little more difficult to find than other Speed Stick varieties. The search for a product like this is worth it if you have very sensitive skin because it does tend to be a little milder and easier on the skin. **My Bottom Line:** Speed Stick Pro Skin Deodorant is yet another worthy product in the Speed Stick product lineup and it rates as an effective deodorant and antiperspirant for everyday use. I find I like Speed Stick gel products a little bit better, but this one is still good and is certainly worth looking for if your skin is prone to irritation.

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Speed Stick Pro Skin Antiperspirant

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