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Speed Stick
Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant - Cool Fusion

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Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant really does work day and night.


Len now prefers the slim type of antiperspirant/deodorant to the regular style ones. Recently I bought him Speed Stick 24/7 Non-Stop Protection Antiperspirant/Deodorant in Cool Fusion. It is made by Mennen, and has a net weight of 2.7 ounce (76g). I always try a product first, and opened it up, turned the wheel at the bottom, and loved the manly smell to it. I applied the Speed Stick to under my arms, and enjoyed the smell. Living in Florida I have an active outdoor life, and found that the antiperspirant worked great for me. No odor, or wetness. This deodorant doesn't leave marks on clothing, which is another plus for me. I then passed it over to Len, and he has been using it this past 6 weeks or so. He handed me the empty container. I asked him how it worked for him, and he told me that he would be happy to use it all the time. He stayed fresh, clean, no odor, and loved the smell. For 99 cents, on sale, this was a bargain.

New Port Richey, FL


my sweat is just uncontainable


This is what i have been using for an antiperspirant. I have been getting very sweaty lately and the last couple of products i have been using leave my arm pits all sweaty. It was not like this before. I would use just regular deodorant or antiperspirant and it would keep me dry like the desert. Then one day that all changed and i am sweating like i am actually in the desert with the sun beaming straight at my arm pits and making them sweat no matter the activity. I thought for an antiperspirant this would have kept me dry but it does not. I don't smell any bad odor or anything so that is very good but the aluminum in the product seems to have retired and just doesn't work. I thought maybe it could be me and i need some super duper strength clinical antiperspirant to contain my awesome sweat but i read the other review and apparently it could be the product. I will try other brands to see if it's me or the antiperspirant.

Jackson, MS


24/7 Protection Against Odor, but What About Wetness?


Deodorant usage is part of most everyone's daily routine of cleaning and grooming and it comes in a few main forms: Gel, stick, and spray. I used to be partial to stick and used nothing else. Today, I have become acquainted with gel deodorant and use it as much if not more than stick. One brand I buy frequently is Speed Stick and one of Speed Stick's many products is **Speed Stick 24/7 Cool Fusion Gel**, a product from Mennen. **Deodorant Commentary:** Speed Stick 24/7 Cool Fusion Gel is one of a few scents that Mennen offers under this new "24/7" designation. I have been using Mennen product for many years but this 24/7 product is fairly new. It was given this name because, according to the manufacturer, it supposedly provides 24 hour protection, seven days per week, working non- stop to prevent odor and wetness. First, let's talk about the positive points to using this product. Unlike other deodorants, Speed Stick 24/7 Gel includes both odor- inhibiting ingredients *and* antiperspirant. This is good, because while all deodorants protect against odor, many do not offer antiperspirant ingredients. Odor control is, of course, the most important but without antiperspirant, your arm pits can still get wet, especially in summer and especially if you're the type who easily sweats. Another positive point to this product is its clean, fresh scent and the ease of application. The smell is nice and it could be described as a cross between soap and cologne. It only takes a small amount to be effective and it's easy to dispense. The dispensing knob on the bottom has been improved from the old days when it was a freely turning device. Now, it clicks as you turn and each click is like an automatic stopper. This helps consumers get just the right amount of gel. Keep in mind that it takes very little for a single application. Once you can see just a small amount of gel sticking out of the holes, you have enough to apply. The gel is also nice because it doesn't leave behind any white residue and while it does feel wet when it first touches your skin, it dries quickly. Speed Stick 24/7 Cool Fusion Gel does an effective job eliminating odors but as far as the antiperspirant goes, it works only so- so. It is still better than the products on the market that offer no wetness protection at all, but it isn't as perfect as the manufacturer claims. Supposedly, this product uses "Micro- Absorber" technology to keep you dry and the tiny particles can absorb 100 times their own weight in wetness. I believe Mennen when they make this claim, but I don't believe them when they say that this product is effective all day long. Fortunately for me, I don't work up a heavy sweat very often so unless I'm about to run the lawn mower, I don't need the heavy duty wetness protection like some other men. **Bottom Line:** Overall, Speed Stick 24/7 Cool Fusion Gel is a good odor fighting product and an acceptable wetness fighter. I will continue to buy different scents from the Speed Stick 24/7 lineup, but I like to switch my deodorants around so I won't be using this or any other Speed Stick product exclusively. The 24/7 product is a decent one and I like most of its qualities. It could be better, but it has enough good points to recommend.

Houston, TX


Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant - Cool Fusion

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