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Hello Kitty Popcorn Popper: Say Hello to DIY Healthy Snacks


**Hello Kitty Popcorn Popper**Our daughter received the Hello Kitty popcorn popper as a gift several years ago and it has been a well used and much loved gift.My kids love popcorn and it is healthier snack than many of their other snack ideas. The Hello Kitty popcorn popper comes in two parts.  The base has an arm that circles to move the popcorn kernels, the electrical cord and the on and off button.  The top doubles as a large popcorn bowl.The Hello Kitty popcorn popper is so easy to use my kids can do it themselves with supervision.  You simply drizzle oil on the base, add popcorn kernels, place the bowl on top and hit on.  It takes about two minutes to get a big, bowl of hot, freshly popped popcorn.  It's actually doesn't take much longer than microwave popcorn.  When the popcorn stops popping, you simply turn the popcorn popper off, hold the side handles together and flip the whole thing so that the top becomes the bowl of popcorn.It is a lot cheaper and greener to buy jars of popping corn than individual packaged servings of microwave popcorn and the kids really enjoy doing it themselves.  It's fun to pull out for family movie night, parties and sleepovers. Apparently the Hello Kitty Popcorn Popper is only available on-line.  If you think you'd like popcorn popper but aren't interested in a Hello Kitty version, you may enjoy these [popcorn popper reviews.  ][1] ***My Viewpoint: *** The Hello Kitty popcorn popper is fun and easy to use.  It makes a great gift for the girl who has everything. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Whirley-Pop-Popcorn-Popper-reviews

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Spectra Popcorn Maker

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