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Spectacle Wipes

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Not Bad For A Buck


I picked up a package of these 20 pack Spectacle Wipes, the other day, for a buck. Needed a quick cleaning on the glasses I was wearing. The package says it cleans in seconds without smearing, it's ideal for use on all lens types, including sunglasses, computer screens, CDs and mobile phones. It's even suitable for coated lenses. It does contain alcohol. It worked fine. The only problem I had with it was, the wipes are too large to be used on the glasses I wear. To me, that's a waste. I will however use the remaining wipes on other things as stated here. I would recommend these to a friend, to be used on other things, excluding eye/sunglasses!

obɐɔıɥɔ, IL


Spectacle Wipes

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