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Specialized Hardrock Sport Bike

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Great bike, very durable, very versital


I got a specialized hard rock a few years ago and i liked it so much i stayed with specialized and got another. i have ridden a few bikes and specialized has seemed to power through the rest. this bike is very durable and can do just about anything. you can do anything from hill climbs to dirt jumps. you can put upgrades on it very easily as well. good quality bike overall

Sacramento, CA




great bike for riding around the city and on the back trails. it doent have many plastic parts that will break and that is a grat thing worth the money baught at beginning of summer and rides extremely smooth and shifts nice. nice big tires and a really good extremely low gear for any hill

Moorhead, MN


decent frame if you plan to upgrade the rest of the features


I've had a Specialized Hard Rock for a while. However, I haven't been on the bike in a while because I don't want to spend the money on new gear shifts or new front shocks. Some of the factory equipment on the bike will need to be upgraded to withstand regular use in mountain terrain. Otherwise, the frame is sturdy, but not as light as one may prefer. At its price point, it's not a bad purchase.

Glenside, PA


Specialized makes great bicycles


My family has owned Specialized hardrock bicycles for many years and they are one of the best made bicycles you can buy.  They are durable and require very little maintenance.  The hardrock acan be used for mountain biking as well as light street use.

Saint George, UT


Great bike for all althletic levels


I am clueless when it comes to sports equipment but luckily my husband is not.  When I was looking for a bicycle to ride with him on the centeniall trail and around our home (dirt roads) he took me to get a Specialized.  It's tougher than a regular street bike, but still handles easy enough for dinking around with my niece and nephews.  It looks great too.  I'm fairly abusive to it, not necessarily in how I ride it, but by tossing it in the back of my truck and hauling it around.  I just started training for a duathlon and even though it's not ideal for the situation it's still comfortable enough to train on for short distances (like a sprint or even an olympic).  I probably wouldn't do a half ironman or ironman on it though. 

Liberty Lake, WA


Specialized Hardrock Sport Bike

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