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Dry Cat Food
Special Kitty
Special Kitty Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food

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Great Buy!


I have a bunch of kittens and older cats that just love this cat food! The small pieces are easier for them to chew. Young and old, my cats just go nuts for this stuff!



My cats hate it


Special Kitty cat food has come a long way; however, my cat still will not eat it. The price is lower than with the name brand foods and that is great. Special Kitty also has developed new formulas such as for kittens or the indoor cat formula, which is important for cats that cannot get the nutrition they need from being outdoors. With that being said, my cats hate it. When I pour the food in their dish they stare at it and then look at me like I have given them, gruel. I would love for my cats to eat it since it is low in price but apparently it is not the flavor of their choice. The quality seems good and the pieces are small enough for even kittens to eat. But the food lacks cat appeal. I can pour a different food into their dish and they chow down, but not Special Kitty. I hope others can use it and save money. Flavor Selection Not many flavors

Empire, AL


Special kitty is loved by my cats


I have purchased and used walmarts special kitty indoor formula cat food for some time now and I have been very satisfied with this product. When I first switched my cat to this cat food I have had no issues with him eating it. Right when I poured it into his food dish he started to eat it with no problem. I am glad the special kitty brand has an indoor formula. I wondered if my cat might be lacking some nutrients he might need since he does not go outside at all so hopefully this cat food formula helps in that area. Also I know my cat is not as active as outside cats so hopefully this helps in that area as well. I am sure some indoor cats tend to be more heavier in weight since that may not be as active as an outside cat. I try different cat foods and switch it up every so often to try something new for my cat so it is not the same all the time. I have been very satisfied with the special kitty indoor formula dry cat food and I think it is a great value for the price. I think it is just as good as some of the much more expensive cat food brands.

Western Grove, AR


Special Kitty is a reasonably priced, good food.


Special Kitty is a very good brand of cat food.  That is the only dry food I will buy for my cats.  When they were kittens, they had the kitten formula and it was the perfect size for small kittens.  Now that they are adults, I buy the indoor formula, and they love it.  I would definately recommend the special kitty brand to anyone.  It's a great product and it's about the cheapest cat food you can get.  They can't wait to see my daughter coming in their room in the afternoon to feed them.  Great food, great price!

Spottsville, KY


Special Kitty Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food

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