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Special Kitty
Special Kitty Gourmet Flavored Food

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Special Kitty Gourmet Flavored Food


This is a good cat food for a standby if you run out of your regular food. My cats like it well enough but I think it may come up short over the long haul. Grain based and it's not bad but cats need real meat in their diet. The gourmet flavored makes me a little skeptical as well. "Flavored" usually means something artificial so be aware. Quality of Ingredients No, it's not the best of ingredients but it's not really bad either. Check out the protein content if you have older cats. You may want to ask your vet about these less expensive foods. It is alright in the short term. I have used this and a few other less well known brands when I'm in a hurry and can't make it to my regular pet food store. I would buy the smallest bag you can get as some cats are pretty picky about what they eat. There's no point in buying a large bag if they won't eat it. Flavor Selection This brand doesn't have huge selections of different flavors in the dry variety. The canned variety has more flavor options.



Special Kitty Gourmet Flavored Food isn't so special


Special Kitty Gourmet Flavored Food isn't so special. It isn't the best as far as nutrition is concerned. And my cats wouldn't touch it. I bought a bag of this when I was running low on cat food and was also short on cash. It ended up being a waste, but not a total waste because I did feed it to a few strays that where hanging around. They seemed extremely happy to have it. Maybe my cats are just spoiled. It has the basic nutritional value needed for cats so all in all I guess if this is all that you can afford to feed your cat and they'll eat it would be okay. But my cats just didn't want anything to do with it so I don't have a say in whether I buy this cat food again. They won't have it. And honestly the savings weren't that great to bother trying to convince them otherwise. Quality of Ingredients It doesn't have the highest quality ingredients. But it'll do. Flavor Selection My cats wouldn't eat it at all. But I know others that buy it for their cats and they eat it without a problem. My cats are probably just picky.

Canton, OH


Not a Good Cat Food.


I used to feed my cats Special Kitty cat food and the Gourmet cat food was one of flavors I bought the most. Then, I started to buy my cats a variety of different brands because of the weight issues one of my cats was having. Special Kitty is one of the worst cat foods that you can feed your cat and found that Special Kitty was the problem with my cats weight. I've heard that Special Kitty for cats is the equivalent of humans eating fast food. After I switched their food my fat cat's weight dropped by a few pounds. I don't think she will ever be as skinny as the other two cats, but at least she won't be overweight by eating Special Kitty. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients in Special Kitty are really horrible for a cat's health. Not only that, but when I was feeding my cats Special Kitty Gourmet cat food their litter box smelled horrible. Since switching their food to a better quality brand their litter box doesn't smell nearly as bad as before. I also noticed a reduction in how much they actually pooped. When they ate this food their litter box needed to be changed twice a day there was so much feces in it. Now they poop like they should. That just showed that Special Kitty is full of bad ingredients that cats do not need. If it's all you can afford to feed your cat, then I don't see anything wrong with feeding it Special Kitty. I however, cut down on how much they eat as a cat only needs about half to three-fourths of a cup of food a day. I'm spending just as much money on better cat food as I was paying for Special Kitty. Lastly, I noticed that when they ate Special Kitty Gourmet dry food they were hungry all the time and it seemed not to satisfy. So this cat food couldn't be very nutritious. Flavor Selection They liked this cat food the least of all the Special Kitty flavors.



Its cheaper and better than brand name


I have bought many different brand names of cat food for my cats. I have three and they are finicky.  Most of the time they left it in the bowl and only ate a small amount.  I bought "Special Kitty" Gourmet Blend and they loved it! Goes to show that brand name is not always the best!

Gettysburg, PA


Special Kitty Gourmet Flavored Food

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