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Special K
Special K Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal

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Special K cereal is good for kids too


Special K cereal is good in the tasting sence and the healthy sence. I have a teenage daughter, and a young child who cant stop eating it. My little boy claims "Its the best because its not soggy" while my teenage daughter says "Its not all nasty and sugary". I personally love this cereal because its healthy, and taste about 300 times better then any other cereal. The Fruit. The fruit that is in Special K cereal is better then a lot of other dried fruit. The Yogurt. The yogurt that is in Special K cereal is better then any other cereal I have ever had. The Flakes. The Flakes in Special K cereal are about 300 tiems better then corn or frosted flakes. Special K vs. Corn Flakes Corn Flakes are good. They really are. Not to much sugar. But the flakes in Corn Flakes arnt as good as the flakes in Special K. Price. Price is a big deal iin everything latley because of the economy. So the price of corn flakes are a lot less than the price of Special K. So, I reccomend Special K to any family.

Painesville, OH


The Yogurt Clumps Taste Funny


I usually LOVE Special K cereals.  Their flakes stay crunchy in milk down to the last bite.  However, I just purchased their Fruit & Yogurt cereal and the yogurt clumps taste funny.  I'm eating it right now actually, but avoiding those little balls of yuckiness because they taste bitter and chalky.  I looked on the box and it doesn't expire until MAR 06 2011 so it's still well within the expiration date, so I guess my taste buds just don't get it.

Houston, TX


attention sweets lover's!!!!!


I have been working out for about a year now, and watching what I eat.  When I need something sweet, I grab a bowl of this cereal with fat free milk and my sweet tooth is VERY SATISFIED!  As soon as this cereal came out, I fell in love!  It doesn't get soggy and the fruit and yogurt is AWESOME.  Perfect fit for my diet and exercise routine!! 

Brandenburg, KY


Special K Fruit and Yogurt is great


I like the whole line of Special K, but I love the yogurt  bits in the Speicial K Fruit and yogurt cereal. The only thing I don't like it that it has a higher calorie count and a lower serving portion than say the strawberry special K. But I do love the taste of the added yogurt pieces.

Penfield, NY


Special K with Fruit & Yogurt is a great tasting cereal!


Love Special K's Fruit & Yogurt Cereal! It has an added sweetness and chew with the added dried fruit and yogurt chips. But the only problem is that the dried fruit and yogurt chips are not evenly distributed throughout the cereal and so you many have to shake it a bit so that each pour will distribute the tasty goodness.

Long Beach, CA


Special K Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal

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