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Sparkletts - Sparkletts Crystal-Fresh Purified Water

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Very Happy With Sparkletts


Three months ago I began renting the tall, round and black water stand. I also began with two five gallon water jugs and the complimentary pack of individual water bottles. This particular model dispenses both cold and hot water. Since it was hot here at that time, I had my driver show me how to turn the heating element off. Mmmmm....the first glass of cold water, I was hooked! I do wish that the water would come out colder than it does. Customer Service has been outstanding. Whenever I have called the company because I needed my delivery date changed or to decrease the number of water jugs, they have been pleasant and very professional. They even have the driver come into my apartment and change the jug out for me because I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and shoulders. The only reason I didn't choose "Very Good," is because there was a very late delivery and I had waited at home all day. The delivery was after hours, and I was told by the driver told me he hadn't picked up his water until 12:00 p.m.. My wanting the water to be colder is another reason that I chose, "Good." You can trust this company and that is the most important thing to me.

Glendale, AZ


BEWARE - The WORST customer service ever.


Sparkletts water delivery service in NYC, and the parent company DS Waters of America, have proven to be a nightmare. Their customer service has screwed up every pickup and drop-off for 8 months running. Every call to customer service seems to be like a bad joke. They don't take customer service seriously or respond to any complaint with any action to fix the problem which is always their fault. Worse, they screwed up the billing, sent me notices that my account was paid in full, then without warning closed the account and sent it to a collection agency even though I had email confirmation from them of every payment. INCREDIBLE. Then when I called them they said there was NOTHING they could do and that I had to file a dispute with the collection agency, even though I had all the confirmations of payment. MADNESS.

New York, NY


Sparkletts - Sparkletts Crystal-Fresh Purified Water

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