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Memory Foam Mattresses
Spa Sensations
Spa Sensations MyGel Memory Foam Mattresses

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It is the most inredible help for your back and whole body


The memory form conforms to your body allowing you to rest comfortably and awaken rested without aches and pains. I suffer from a lot of back pain and hip arthritis and since buying this unit I don't wake up in pain like I used to. Comfort it is extremely comfortable from the moment you lay down until you get up. You can feel your body ease into it and stay that way all night instead of being on a harder surface that is somewhat uncomfortable. It makes you wonder why you didn't buy one before to ease your body pains. Support It supports your body all night. If you wake up in the middle of the night your body still feels the same as when you went to bed. Firmness It is firm enough to support your body. You can sit up in bed and read all night and feel as good as though you were sitting on your living room couch. Durability It is extremely durable. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs who lay on it and my husband like to play with them on it. My grandchildren will often come over and jump up and down on it. It takes a lot of abuse but maintains it's shape



Spa Sensations MyGel Memory Foam Mattresses

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