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Southwest Specialty Foods Inc.
Southwest Specialty Foods Inc. Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

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I'm still crying and going to the bathroom after Ass Blaster.


My youngest son gave me Ass Blaster Hot Sauce for Christmas. Excuse the language. That's really the name of the hot sauce. Cross my heart - or buy more toilet paper. Ass Blaster came in a little wooden outhouse. That may have just been for the holidays. I've never seen this sauce for sale. My son said he got it at a kiosk at the mall. This is something I think a guy would be more likely to buy. On the other hand, it made sense to "buy for Mom," since I'm the Grill Girl at Yes! You Can Grill online. That's my new web site (and still in progress - very much). I write about outdoor cooking, so I'm always checking out new products in that category. That's about the only way a young fellow can get by with buying his Mom anything called Ass anything. Ass Blaster has been on display since the holidays. Yes. My kitchen decor is eclectic. This goes well with my plate from Granny that says, "I am not a fast cook. I am not a slow cook. I am a half fast cook." My son mentioned today that I had not tried my new sauce. We just happened to have some North Carolina style barbecue in the fridge. I splashed some Ass Blaster on there and heated it up. This shakes out like Tabasco Sauce. I hit the meat with a good 8 or 10 shakes. It might have been a half tsp total. Ass Blaster does not hit immediately. I had a couple of bites before my mouth caught on fire. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. I drank about a half gallon of water. I ate another couple of bites. Another half gallon of water. My eyes began to water. My nose started to run. I broke a sweat on my forehead. I cried uncle. No more. No more. My tongue still burns. My stomach got the cramps. I've honest to goodness been to the bathroom three times in two hours. I thought they were joking with the name. They weren't. On the plus side, this sauce has no calories or fat. It is just liquid fire I think. If I keep going to the bathroom, my fat and calories for the day should be negative numbers. I really wasn't supposed to be eating that barbecue pork due to cholesterol issues. Oh well. I don't think it stuck around long enough to do any harm. If someone really likes stuff super hot, then Ass Blaster is the ticket. This is, I must tell you, very hot. Hot! Hot! Hot! You are warned. Use at your own risk. To be honest, this would be fine in chili or stew. Just a little. It would definately heat it up. I'd say to use no more than one or two splashes per big pot. Otherwise, you will be sitting on the pot.

southern, NC


Southwest Specialty Foods Inc. Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

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