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Southbend Single Gas Oven GB-15CCH

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Cooks very evenly.


We have a cabin that is out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains, and it does not have any electricity that runs to it, only solar panels, but they do not do us any good when their is a lot of snow up there, so we decided to buy a gas oven. Our cabin is not super big, so I am glad that this one has wheels on it, it is great to be able to move it off to a corner when it is not in use so that we have more room to do other things. It hooks up really easy and is so easy to use. I was worried with it because a lot of gas ovens I find burn food a lot and do not cook things evenly, but I can even cook the most delicate cake in this and it will cook nice and even and I do not burn anything. This gets hot really fast and makes for a quicker cook time of most food. It holds a large amount of food, I can cook a big turkey or a large roast in it with a lot of extra space left over. I like that it has the double doors so it opens nice and big to give you a lot of room to work around. It is easy to use and easy to set it for the temperature you want, you just have to keep an eye on it and make sure it does not get too hot. It is a great alternative to electric appliances and makes for great food while we are in our cabin.




Southbend Single Gas Oven GB-15CCH

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