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SouthPeak Hearts Of Iron 3 - Windows for PC (00207)

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The single greatest Grand Strategy game of all time.


It is an in depth focus of what could have happened in the Second World War. What if the Soviet Union was defeated? If the American carriers had been sunk at Pearl Harbor? What would have happened if Hitler had been stopped in 1938? In this simulation you can find out. From 1936 onward you can play as any nation, from the United States, to Italy, to Bulgaria. Command its army, navy, and air force. Harness its production capabilities to churn out hundreds of tanks, planes, and ships. Maneuver your country to ally with who you want. Invade your neighbors to increase your nation's size (or for a permanent ally). The choice is yours! It does have its vices, the most prominent one is the interface. It takes quite some time to learn what everything does and how to use everything effectively. But when you do, you will be the single greatest power in the world. Once you get a firm grasp on the basics and enjoy it, there are expansion packs. The first one Paradox released was Semper Fi. Then came For the Motherland and Their Finest Hour. Each implements some great new features not seen before. This was my first computer game I ever bought, as I was hooked on consoles, but New Years Eve 2009-10 was the night I became a lifelong fan of Hearts of Iron and of Paradox Interactive



SouthPeak Hearts Of Iron 3 - Windows for PC (00207)

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