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South Shore
South Shore Noble Collection 60-inch TV Stand Dark Mahogany


Find your comfort zone with a furniture collection that combines the timeless look of a dark mahogany finish with decorative legs and metal handles. Featuring classic lines and storage space for electronic equipment, DVDs, CDs, books or other. Also offered in a 50-inch version and can be used as a storage bench with the Noble master bedroom collection.

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Beautiful piece


The South Shore Noble Collection 60-inch TV stand in Dark Mahogany is a beautiful furniture piece whether you use it in the television or living room. We have ours in our living room and actually are not using it as a television stand but rather a decoration piece for the living room. It is beautiful. The color of wood is very nice and elegant. It fits perfect in our living room and adds a lot to the looks of the room. Nice storage room as well as it has a small drawer and two doors that open up to store pretty much whatever you like. We enjoy the space that is saved and the elegant look it adds. It's fabulous for keeping things organized and perfect for adding decorations on top. We are really satisfied with this piece and would recommend it.

Minneapolis, MN




It's a very great beauty and sleek and in line with the daily life of modern society in terms of color is the color of a private nature suggests restraint and hand size fhozaat large size to accommodate lots and lots of purposes such as TVs, computers and receivers and other purposes in terms of durability is a custom-made wood to bear the heavy duty purposes, this product is wonderful and deserves right acquisition but there are better than



South Shore Noble Collection 60-inch TV Stand Dark Mahogany

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