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South Shore
South Shore Morgan collection Storage Cabinet Morgan Cherry


A simple and stylish floor cabinet offering functional storage options. Perfect for the home office, bedroom, basement and even garage. Also available in Royal Cherry, Chocolate and Solid Black finishes.

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Good cabinet, but not movable


I have a couple South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinets in my basement to store winter & summer clothes and they have held up well over the years. I find that the shelves can hold a tremendous amount of weight without bending. I have stored coats, boots, sweaters, and jeans on a single shelf and it didn't budge. Initially the doors opened and closed quietly, but over time the doors started to squeak. I sprayed lubricate on the hinges and it fixed the problem temporarily, but it does return back to squeaking after a month. The magnet that keeps the doors in place is still strong, but from time to time it gets off-kilter and needs to be realigned. I have experienced some slight morphing of the wood after a flood, but it didn't weaken the base's integrity beyond use.The only major downside to these cabinets is that once I put a significant amount of clothing on the shelves it became impossible to move without wobbling side to side. I would definitely recommend the South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinet for the storing of goods, but make sure to find the perfect spot to place it because once filled with items it will not be easily moved.


Westchester, IL


The cabinet is perfect


I purchased this South Shore Morgan collection Storage Cabinet Morgan Cherry two years back and it was delivered within a week. All the hardware parts were received along with the delivery of the product and they were not damaged at all. The product was placed in my kids room so that I could stuff their books and other small items in this cupboard and I was happy and satisfied with the fact that the shelves could manage the load easily. The product is very heavy but the quality is great as the outer finish and the product can manage a decent amount of weight. However, when the product arrived, I noticed few scratches in areas that were exposed and so I had to paint those marks which could be easily visible from the outside while the inside scratches were quite less. The product looks elegant and occupies very less space of the kids room and the price as well is reasonable.




South Shore Morgan collection Storage Cabinet Morgan Cherry

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