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South Shore
South Shore Brown Summer Breeze 5 Drawer Chest


5 Drawer Chest is Perfect for the Kids

The South Shore Summer Breeze 5 drawer chest stands vertically and has five full-size drawers with knob pulls. The pulls have the same chocolate brown finish as the rest of the dresser. Every drawer is fronted with a flat facade except the top. The top drawer has a groove down the center to give the illusion of a split drawer. There is also a long accent arch at the chest's base.

The 5 drawer chest is a tall rectangle measuring 45" high, 16" deep and 31" wide. It weighs 77 pounds and is the ideal size for storing children's clothes. If chocolate brown is too dark for your color scheme, you can also find this particular style in vanilla cream and blueberry colors. It features Smart Glide drawer glides that will keep your drawers opening smoothly for years to come.

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Great for any bedroom


I purchased the South Shore Brown Summer Breeze 5 Drawer Chest to match my sons South Shore bed and nightstand. I was a little disappointed once I got it home and partially assembled to see that it was a shade or two off from the other furniture in his room. However, that was my mistake and not the manufacturers nor the stores error. Since I had already had it partially assembled I decided to just finish it and see how it looked and thank goodness it sits far enough apart from the rest of his bedroom furniture that it's hard to tell that it doesn't match the rest exactly. Therefore, I decided to keep it. This was a little difficult to assemble and I was really frustrated that there were several small pieces of hardware missing. Fortunately, they were such small and non essential to the sturdiness nor functioning of the dresser that it's completely unnoticeable both cosmetically and functioning wise. I love how spacious and deep the drawers are and how smoothly they slide open and shut. They are really quiet which is great when I sneak into my sons room to put away his laundry, etc at night. Overall this is a great value for the price and it will be used for many years to come as it fits and will transition great in any bedroom.




South Shore Brown Summer Breeze 5 Drawer Chest needs work


I was recently in the market for a new, smaller dresser. My toddler daughter was starting to outgrow the storage drawers we had been using for a dresser and we figured any purchase was an upgrade from that. I was immediately attracted to the South Shore brand. The furniture looks gorgeous and at such an affordable price. My husband and I had to put this five drawer chest together ourselves. I am sad to say that it literally took all night! The assembly portion was awful. Another thing that I didn't care for is that the materials for the dresser are cheaply made. It seems to be completely made out of pressed wood as apposed to solid wood and it shows. The South Shore Brown Summer Breeze 5 Drawer Chest is functional. It isn't the sturdiest of dressers, but it does hold clothes and will open/close just fine. Also, does fit in my daughter's small room beautifully, but I still say that it wasn't worth the purchase. If you are on a limited budget and don't mind the pain of putting this thing together, it is a good purchase. Otherwise, keep looking.


Nampa, ID


Classy and useful


The South Shore Brown Summer Breeze five Drawer Chest has been a great addition to our room. I am always in need of extra space, even when we have a big closet. So my husband picked this up for me for my extra knick knacks and what have you. Its been a great way to get organized and have specific things in a drawer and easy to get to, rather than a little bit here and everything else all over the place. It is a very attractive piece of furniture that actually added a lot to our simple bedroom. I love that I can use the top for candles and odd and ends as well. The drawers are easy to open and close and are silent when you do so. The handles are sturdy and look long lasting so I am not worried about durability. I will be taking good care of this so it lasts a long time. This piece of furniture would even go well in a living room. It is very classy and elegant. A great purchase that we are very satisfied with.


Minneapolis, MN


South Shore Brown Summer Breeze 5 Drawer Chest

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