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Soundesign - iHome iHM9 Portable Stereo System for iPod, iPhone, and MP3 Players

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It's a beautiful system advises everyone to buy it


It's a wonderful device to all requirements easy to transport a wonderful voice quickly shipped long battery life


Pretty handy


So I got this device for christmas and was pretty excited! Finally I could listen to my Ipod at a higher volume. So I put the 4 AA batteries( the batterie power last amazingly long. ive left it on multiple times for 8 hours or more with out realizing it and its still going strong) and plug it into the cord and.... The volume was hardly any louder! This device is ok if you want to listen to your ipod by yourself but if you want to pump up the volume and blast it I wouldnt suggest this. On the other hand, whenever i plug in my phone or ipad( which you can do because it uses a cord and not a dock) the volume can get really loud! With this device you control the sound by turning the volume up or down on your device. So whatever reason it seems the ipod has a very low volume compared to soome of my other music devices. It can also prop up my ipad which is a +. So now whenever I listen to music with this I use my ipad instead of my ipod and I love it.

Tonawanda, NY


Music on the go at its best!


I received this in the mail after on about 4 days after winning it. I was so excited to see that it was fast shipping and the color that I had chose! I took my Ipod and put in some batteries and wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the item size is awesome for travel , color of item matches my Ipod and the audio output is fabulous! I would say that when I crank up the volume (as I love to do!) the sound is even better.. no static !! Nice mix of bass and treble! I can't wait to take it on the road with me! I believe this item is great for all ages.. easy and portable.. great for raod trips, hotels, slumber parties, birthday parties, Also great for when the electric go out and you can at least listen to your music.This is much better to listen to thro the speakers , than those earbuds with that irritating noise. Now to keep the grandkids away from it! Great item, great price too!

Fairfield, CA


Soundesign - iHome iHM9 Portable Stereo System for iPod, iPhone, and MP3 Players

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