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Sorelle Vicki Crib

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Sorelle Vicki crib is very pretty and durable


My daughter got the Sorelle Vicki crib when she was born, as a gift. I didn't really know anything about cribs or know which was the best one to buy. I'm very glad this is the one she got. The Sorelle Vicki crib is very pretty. The one we got is in the espresso color which is a very dark brown, almost black. It was fairly easy to put together. The instructions have pictures which are easy to tell what goes where. We put it together in about 20 minutes or so. What I really like about this crib now is that it does not have a drop side. There have been so many cribs recalled that have a drop side so it would have worried me if we had one of those. This way my daughter can't get the side down or anything like that so it makes me feel safer. The crib has adjustable heights which is nice. We had her on the highest when she was a newborn and lowered it as she got older. I also like that you can buy kits to convert the bed as she gets older, too. They have kits to make the crib into different kinds of beds; the crib, like a day bed with a bed rail, into a full size bed. I'm so happy with this crib.


San Diego, CA


Sorelle Vicki Crib

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