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Sony in. HDTV LCD TV

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The Sony Bravia 46in. HDTV LCD TV is definitely high quality!


The **Sony Bravia KDL-46W4100 HDTV LCD TV is a must buy.  My family loves this television.  We looked at televisions for over a year and a half before we purcahsed this TV.  We have now owned it for about six months.  I do not know why we did not but this television sooner.  Its large screen makes us feel like we are at the movies everytime we watch TV, yet the flat design takes up little space.  The picture quality is fantastic.  You can see every detail with outstanding clarity.  There are two HDMI outputs which allows us to have this amazing picture hooked up to both the TV and our video game console.   There is no blur when we are watching sporting events or high action scenes.  The sound quality is the only aspect that is just average.  Overall, we have been more than satisfied with our purchase and would definitely recommend this version of the Sony Bravia flat screen televisions.   **


A city in, MO


Sony BRAVIA KDL-46W4100 46 in. HDTV - definitely a sweet deal!


The almost new (at this point) Sony Bravia KDL46w4100 HDTV is certainly a sweet deal for the price.  It comes fully packed with tons of options and input connection makes it a dream for anyone...  Gamers running multiple systems, DVD players, DVR recorders, Stereo recievers - can all be combined easily into a massive entertainment system with a plug and play operation which makes it pretty much fool-proof even for the technically challenged.  You can even program names for each connected device, or choose to hide the slots you are not using to tidy things up a bit. The picture is great, I mean it is a  high definition television, so what do you expect?  But honestly, it delivers.  The screen can seem like it may be difficult to see from those corner angles, but with the big 46 inch screen it still has a suprisingly wide viewing angle.  Great for fight night, the world series or the super bowl, a cavemans dream!    


Sioux Falls, SD


The Greatest TV I've ever seen!


I have to say, I'm not much of a TV person, but you can't deny that this TV is fantastic!! My husband had his eye on this TV for about a year and then we finally decided to get it. And now that we've had it for a year, I could not see having another TV. When I go over to other people's homes and see the smaller TV's, I realize how nice our TV really is. And when we watch the NFL football games (Go Steelers!), it's almost like you're there. It was funny because we actually went to a Steeler's game and my husband said that it looked better on the TV in HD!!  When we first got the TV, I didn't care if the channel was in HD or not, because they both looked perfectly fine to me. But (because my husband has worn off on me) now I find myself only watching the HD channels and when I see my daughter watching a TV show, not in HD, but I know that we have the same channel in HD, I pick up the remote and change it over to the HD channel. So, I am starting to see the difference in the HD channels and the ones that aren't. Anyway if you are thinking about buying this TV, you will not regret it!! It is wonderful!!!


New Kensington, PA


Sony KDL-46W4100 "LOVE IT"


I absolutely love this TV! Took less than a week to get used to the bigger screen (had 35" conventional before) which I loved. Bought the Sony KDL-46W4100 in a package (Blu-ray, receiver, 5 speakers) which made the deal even better. The picture quality is excellent. Extremely happy with it!


Brooklyn, NY


Sony in. HDTV LCD TV

4.8 4