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Sony in. HDTV LCD TV

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Top of the line


We bought the bravia - top of the line HD Sony Tv and we love it.  Great picture and sound. We were so impressed with this product that 1 year later, we bought another one. Picture Quality This tv has very clear and presise picture quality. The colors are vibrant and there isn't that shadow that you can experience with some other lower quality tvs. Sound Quality The sound quality is exceptional since we also bought the sony home theatre that syncs with the tv. Durability The durability is great. We don't move it from the wall and it has held up great. Design The design is great. It is thin enough to were it doesn't stick out and the size is just right for us. Performance Outstanding performance. The picture and sound are great and we couldn't have asked for a better tv.


Livonia, MI


Decent picture for a 120Hz


The sleek brushed metal bevel is the first noticeable feature that captures the eye even before the television is turned on. The unique picture frame look makes this television look great hanging on a wall or placed on an entertainment stand. The Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 flat panel television was one of Sony's first true 1080p flat-panel full HD televisions, capable of receiving over-the-air HD stations, with a 10-bit 16:9 (1920 x 1080) resolution upconverting panel and was one of the first Sony Bravia flat panel that introduced the 120Hz (Hertz) technology (not to be confused with the 8 millisecond screen refresh). 120Hz doubles the amount of frames per second displayed. Typical flat panel televisions display at 60Hz or 60 frames per second. The 120Hz duplicates the frames and inserts those created duplicates in between the frames that were actually filmed and displayed. The computer processor within the panel is actually creating frames by doubling the frames initially filmed, and again then inserts those created frames in between the frames that would normally be displayed. The Bravia Engine in this set is one of the higher quality engines available on any Sony flat panel television. This allows for a fluid, smooth-flowing display without any disturbing judder. Whereas most movies and television programs are filmed in 24p True Cinema (24 frames per second), this set utilizes the same technology for displaying back the image to be viewed as it was filmed. The KDL-52W4100 boasts 3 HDMI ports (2 in back, 1 on the side), 2 Component connectors, 2 Composite connectors, an optical in/out, USB (for service only), and a VGA port for connecting a laptop to be used as a monitor. This television supported DMeX2 which is a unique feature that introduced this model to have the capability to add up to two of four *"Bravia Links"* including a slim **DVD player**, **HDMI splitter** to allow for the addition of up to 5 HDMI components, a **Wireless Link** to broadcast from one television to another television connected to the component, and the **Bravia Internet Link** which allows for Internet-based content streaming including NetFlix, YouTube, and other Sony specific content providers. Future televisions integrated this Internet feature. The XMB (Xross - pronounced "Cross"- Media Bar) is integrated into this set and is widely used within other great Sony electronic products including laptops, digital cameras and PlayStation gaming consoles to enhance and streamline user interaction across all Sony products. The XMB affords the user simple and intuitive navigation with the ease of understanding controls, features, and functionality. Other features include Advanced Contrast Enhancer for deeper blacks and brighter whites, the Bravia 2 Engine processor, and the Live Color Creation System which allowed for more colors to be viewed that human eye would recognize. There is also a "Favorites" function which integrates rich 3D graphics. The speakers are an S-Force Front Surround which gives the listener a pseudo-surround sound without the need to bounce the sound off walls, windows or doors. Voice Zoom is also integrated to tune-down annoying loud commercials without the need to lower the volume using the remote. For those that have other compatible Sony devices such as a video camera or Bravia Home Theatre, the KDL-52W4100 is equipped with Sony's Bravia Sync technology which allows the user to connect any other device with the Bravia Sync and control each of those connected devices with one remote. Even though the KDL-W4100 series is full HD with the ability to receive over the air HD stations, it is cable-ready, however for those who choose not to subscribe to premium services, the television is integrated with the TV Guide Interactive Program Guide which delivers updated programming information from available channels. The W4100 series was available in 3 different sizes from 40", 46" and 52", though you will be hard-pressed to find on as it was only in production for the 2007/2008 year. There were variant models of the W4100 series such as the WL140 which was a variant model sold at warehouse clubs that included the Internet Link free in the box and boasted a gloss-black bevel instead of the brushed metal. Each set hole-spacing is VESA compliant allowing the purchaser to wall-mount the unit using any supporting VESA compliant wall mount.


Wrentham, MA


Very good tv


I like my Sony HDTV. The KDL-52W4100 is a 52 inch television and it is very large. It provides a really beautiful picture that is perfect when you want to relax and enjoy a movie by yourself or with the family. When friends come over you can have a great time on the television with some console gaming such as the Wii or the XBOX. 52 inches make no mistake is very large. If you do not have a lot of room then I advise a smaller television screen as a large screen is not always necessarily better, especially in cramped quarters. But if you have the space to accomodate such a large screen, I recommend going to the store and checking it out, it's got great picture quality and it looks good even with it just standing there, turned off. I am happy with mine.


La Jolla, CA


Wonderful Product!


I bought this television as part of an entertainment package. It came with a Sony upconverting BluRay player! The picture quality is wonderful, even when you aren't watching digital television. I can instantly tell the difference when I go into my bedroom and watch a different television. This is by far a much better television than any other I have had. There is one problem I am having with it and it would be the volume control. If I am watching a television show and a commercial comes on, it gets extremely loud. I have to have the remote control next to me at all times so that when a commercial comes on I can turn the volume back down so that it doesn't wake up other people in my house. This is the only problem I have with the television.


Lawton, OK


Sony HDTV is Simply Amazing!


Buying a large screen television was definitely not my idea- it belonged to my husband, who loves to have the latest and greatest in technology. Boy, I am glad that he convinced me to go along with it. The Sony HDTV is simply remarkable - the graphics are beautiful, the colors are brilliant, and it is simple to use. We watch mainly HD programming, but even 'standard' shows look great. We also stream videos and television shows from our computer and game consoles, and they look great. The television set itself is sturdly- we moved it cross country and it withstood the move perfectly. It is also slim and not too heavy (for being over four feet), so it can be mounted simply, even though we have not done this yet. I just recommend making sure you have a large enough space to have this television in- when we first bought it, we had a much smaller living room and I felt that watching it so from a close distance would give me headaches. We have a larger space now, and it is wonderful. In fact, my husband keeps threatening to steal it for his 'man cave'. :-)


Littleton, CO


brilliantly stunning


This tv is the best tv i have ever purchased, and i have many tv's in my house and this tv really does it all.  The best part about it is the picture which is just beautiful in every way. i used to have to watch my shows on non-hd tv's but not any more.  every one in my house is always fighting on who gets to use this computer because its so awesome.  my son has his video games hooked up to it and he is on it when ever he can, its just amazing.  when people walk in the house, it is the first thing that mention, like wow that tv is really nice and there saying that even when its off. i would 100% reccommend it to someone who has the money for it if they love to watch tv and movies.  its the best tv to watch movies on especially movies in hd. we have surround sound and it makes it sound even better.  so basically yes this tv is amazing in every way and i would not change a single thing about it. 


Montclair, NJ


every output known to man


After extensive research, I decided to purchase our Sony Bravia Z-series tv.  We were looking to upgrade to an LCD but with a tv that would not be outdated as soon as we bought it.  We also wanted to be able to connect our tv to multiple outlet sources.  We had read and determined in store that the Sony has one of the best picture qualities.  This tv can do it all!  It has an excellent refresh rate (240 hz).  It is excellent picture quality--and believe me, at 46", any flaws are apparent.  We have connected our laptop to the screen via the vga cord.  IT makes surfing the web far more exciting as well as possible to watch netflix on the big screen.  (not that that is even necessary since it also has an ethernet connection on the side and the Netflix widget built in--we have yet to try that.  Multiple remotes for recent Sony products work as universal remotes on their multiple products.  Our new remote works our Sony receiver and tv.  The HDMI cable connections and quality take watching tv/ movies etc.. to a new level.  Great TV.


Spring, TX


Sony Bravia is a great TV!


The Sony Bravia is a great TV. We bought this TV for our new home over a year ago and it was an excellent choice. The picture is clear and the colors are true. It looks awesome in HDTV mode. I would have given it 5 stars but the audio is not as crisp as I would like. Admittedly it would probably be better if we invested in some surround sound speakers but I think that the audio out of the box should be better. We have it in the loft of our log home and it is our primary TV. We have had zero problems with it (hopefully I'm not jinxing myself here!) The price was slightly higher than some other brands that we were looking at but after doing quite a bit of online research I decided that it was worth the extra money and I'm glad that we went with this choice. Even at the slightly higher price it was still an excellent buy. If I had it to do over again I would still purchase this same TV and I don't always feel that way about things I have bought!


Orlando, FL


Don't buy a Sony!!!


I was given the Sony KDL-194000 as a gift.   I gave away a panasonic tv when I got this gift.  Wish I had kept the Panasonic and given the Sony away.  There is no auto volume control.  When the commercials come on it blows me away with the loud noise.  I can't believe Sony makes a tv without auto volume control.   I am very disgusted with this tv.


Saint Marys, KS


Sony Bravia 52in HDTV is outstanding


Was looking for an HDTV that had great reviews and this was suppose to be the creme de la creme of HDTVs. I am extrememly satisfied with my purchase and I get nothing but compliments on the quality of the picture. My only negative comment would be that sometimes when there is a an all black image on the screen, it can sometimes appear grainy. Other than that I am very please with the product.


Huntington Woods, MI


Sony in. HDTV LCD TV

4.4 13