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Sony desktop computer

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Sony Computer- Can't be beat


This Sony computer is a VGC-LT23E slim line all in one with wireless key board and mouse. It is a 22" all in one. Has TV capablity as well and can be put on the wall. It is a 22" LCD with xbrite hicolor technology. CPU is an inteo core 2 duo T7250 with a 2ghz processor. 3 gb ram 500gb harddrive. Optical driver DVD(RW) dual layer wired and 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless ethernet. Nivicia Geforece graphics 8400M GT CP 128 MB. with Windows Vista Home Premium.  I have heard alot of peaple complain about vista.  The key is tohave enough RAM min of 2 GB better with 3GB of RAM.   this high performance PC allows me to watch tv and record also. This stunning flat panel widescreen LCD TV with digital and analog tuners dvr to record over 50 hours of HDTV. I love this computer.  The last three computers I have owned were Sony and I will never buy anything but.  Each of my computers have lasted at least 8 years without any repairs. Can't ask for a better record than that.


Ladys Island, SC


compatible parts


For the longest time that i have owned a sony vaio desktop i've had issues with trying to upgrade it with new parts. there are only certain parts from certain makes or models that will be compatible with the desktop itself, witch i get for business but as a user it makes it hard to upgrade your computer. like for one my video card is built into my mother board, so when it came to me getting a new video card i was completely unaware of what type of graphics card would be compatible let alone if it would even work with my computer. since there are other companies that make their computers to be interchangeable with many of other name brand parts i think that atleast since i put out the money to buy a decent desktop that the people that made the computers would have the consideration to atleast make the computer easier to interchange parts. i recommend this computer for a homeowner that is doing no more than internet browsing and maybe office work, but as far as for gaming or any high cpu usage neccesities i dont recommend this for gamers.


Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Sony desktop computer

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