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Sony XBR46HX909 46 in. HDTV LCD TV

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Great Picture Quality.


The Sony LCD HDTVs are great. Sony is a trusted brand and they definitly deliver with this tv. I think the 46 inch is the best size for a living room. Any smaller and it's hard to see the picture clearly. Any larger, and your living room becomes a theater. The picture quality on this is excellent. We have had it for years now and it is as good as new. Although the price is higher than say a Vizio, you know you can't really go wrong with Sony. The only thing I don't like about my model is that it doesn't have a USB connection. It only has an HDMI connection. I'm not sure if newer models have them or not. But if you just plan on watching cable then that is not an essential.


Portland, OR


I love the Sony LCD TV


i brought this tv 4 years back and till today it is working without any problem. Though it looks bulkier than the LED tv's , it looks very elegant and picture quality and sound quality is very good. I wish it hass more HDMI cables because i have lot of appliances to connect . Even though i prefer having a smart tv , i can always buy a blu-ray player which have all the smart features and wi-fi option. The HD quality is very good and never had any blurry picture. It holds up well even with out a surge protector and we always have sudden power failures due to weather problems in my area. I am happy with this purchase but if i could afford for a new tv this sony tv will go into my bedroom.


Little Rock, AR


Not too shabby


This TV provides what we need at this point, although my husband would like something bigger. It does have a good picture, especially on HD channels. It has quality sound. Although I'm sure it has features I do not use, we do like that you can rotate it to face different directions. I would say this TV is a good basic TV. We have not had any problems with it thus far and it is 6 years old.


Langhorne, PA


Nice TV runs hot


Great picture quality and great refresh rate. Wish it had more features and was more energy efficient. The TV runs pretty hot. The sound is good and like all the port options. The remote works good but it is really long. Wish they could simplify the remote. Durability My daughter is constantly tapping putting her fingers on the screen and on occasion has launched a ball or two at the screen but still no visible signs of damage. Design Would like to see the bezel be completely gone and the picture go all the way out to the edge... we can dream.


Mountain View, CA


Sony XBR46HX909 46 in. HDTV LCD TV

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