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Sony XBR-55HX929 55" 3D HDTV LCD TV

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Fantastic Flat Screen by Sony


This is a fantastic flat screen. The color and clarity is wonderful. We love watching movies and sports on it. We have it mounted on the wall and it looks great. We have not bought any 3-D glasses yet, but we were pleased that the tv came with that option. The unit and glasses to use the 3-D feature is a bit expensive still so we are waiting for a nice sale to purchase that. We recommend this tv. Picture Quality The picture is really great, even when the HDTV settings are not being used My daughter and I play video games and we never have any issues. everything is clear and looks great. When watching movies, the colors are bright and clear. You can see everything, down to the smallest detail. Sound Quality the sound works great. we have no issues. the speakers sound good all around. Durability we have not had this tv for a year quite yet, but we have had zero issues and have not seen any picture or sound changes and the quality has not diminshed at all. The reviews that we read of Sony televisions indicated that Sony had a good life length for its television. We expect this television to last for several years. Design The design is similar to most flat screen tvs. It looks nice and I love seeing it on the wall. The majority of the television is black and so it looks sleek. If you hang it on the wall, it is possible to have the wires run through the wall if you do not like the look of wires hanging down your wall. Performance We have had no issues with this tv at all and we definitely would recommend it to others who are interested in a great tv. We are so pleased with this television that we are looking at smaller versions for our bedroom.




Sony XBR-55HX929 55" 3D HDTV LCD TV

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