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Sony Vaio VGN Notebook PC

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This Sony Vaio has a great system with only 1 design downfall


I bought this computer with my husband so that we could have a desktop and a laptop for our graduate degree programs. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the built in features, such as the webcamera & microphone, perfect for skype calls to family! The operating system runs great, and the wireless internet picks up signals that our two other computers do not, which is great! We are also able to watch our netflix movies easily and comfortably with this computer. The problem with this computer is that it seems to be poorly designed where the screen and keyboard meet. If you see in the picture, the design looks cool but the area on the left where the power cord attaches has come apart, leaving wires exposed and requiring very cautious movement with the computer. Our repair man has had to fix it twice, but we are still unable to get the correct part ordered to permanently fix the issue-presumably due to the frequency of this issue. This happened to ours just over a year after purchase-meaning no more warranty. In addition, the power cord stopped working after ten months, the green light just went out and it no longer worked. Great computer with that exception, so I may recommend the same general computer with a slightly different model.

Huntington, WV




The Sony FZ-140, 150, and 160 are nice light machines with a really pretty LCD panel, but lack a number of features that should be included for the premium price and between Vista, Intel, and Sony have a number of buggy features. A star off for the price/performance issue and a star off for the bugs, so 3 stars overall. My friend has a FZ150E with a T7300 and a 160 GB hard drive and Vista Home Premium; besides the choice of processor, hard drive, and OS the difference between these three models is very slight. The 140 has a T7100 processor and the 160 a slightly larger but slower drive. Other than that, they all have the same features: 2 GB of RAM, the Intel X3100 graphics card, a DVD-RW drive, and similar inputs, outputs and controls. It's a true, light laptop at just over 5 lbs, but despite that the gorgeous 15.4" widescreen LCD is oversized for a laptop this small and shows Sony learned something from making LCD HDTVs. Setup is reasonably brainless, and while Sony did include a bunch of trial software some of it is useful - Spy Sweeper, Norton AntiVirus, and MS Office all are nicely preloaded. Controls are intuitive and the keyboard good, and a few interfaces like Firewire, S-Video out (but not in), and a switch for turning wireless off are nice.

Harrisburg, PA


I am in LOVE!!!


I am in love!!! Did I already say that? It bears repeating because this system is something else. By way of background, I am on my computer constantly word-processing, networking, researching, and IMing like crazy. It has been said only half in jest that I start to get the DTs if I'm deprived of the ability to multitask (this is a lazy Sunday afternoon and I have 5 IMs open, 4 Word Documents, iTunes, and 7 browser tabs). The average computer designed just for word-processing or web-browsing simply isn't up to the strains of my "regular" usage. I've been burned in the past buying computers I've been assured were good for the task. This system is, in fact, the first computer I've ever had that doesn't immediately freak out when I start multitasking. It's heavy for a lap-top and the battery-life is a bit of a joke but those are easily solved by carrying it in a backpack carrier rather than a hand-held case and by carrying a spare battery. If your computer only gets average use, this one is probably too expensive/heavy/short-battery to be your ideal match but, if you multitask like crazy or game heavily, this little guy will treat you right and not give you ANY trouble.

Stow, OH


A good idea gone bad.


When I got this laptop I had high expectations as it is a Sony. Initially I had to work some hours just to uninstall the inhouse preLoaded stuff. The screen keeps flickering..there is a loose connection. The Audio and the Video are not upto the mark. Setup is a big headache. Please, avoid this laptop. Not recommend it to anyone. 

Houston, TX


awesome it is..


This notebook is designed almost perfectly for using comfortably. If you look in the pictures, the touchpad is off-center, which I though was for looks alone originally. But on the contrary, I noticed that when I type, my right hand is moved to the part of the keyboard so that both thumbs are right next to the touchpad and an index finger can easily be rotated down. This actually has made quite a difference in the ease of use category. My one and only complaint with the keyboard is regarding the spacebar. I have learned to use just the center of the spacebar (which I think actually improved my typing technique) because the actual button is in the middle of the bar, and touching either end will usually not register. Other than that, the keyboard is not too soft, and not too hard. It also makes a satisfying, but quiet tap for each keystroke. Another observation you might make is that there is no latch to keep the laptop closed. There is no problem with the top staying closed or opening or closing (as there is an indent by the touchpad to assist in opening). My only concern is the joints on the screen wearing out over time, although I have noticed no decrease in strength yet. The wireless internet capability can be shut off to improve the already good battery life. The disc drive on the side slides open with a click and shuts nicely. It hums a bit when you put a disc in it or start up the computer, and seems just a little flimsy when open, but I am just glad it isn't one of those lame slide-in drives. Overall, the ease of use is great, as well as the fit and finish.

Speonk, NY


Solid laptop.


This new Sony Vaio (model VGN-FZ140E/B) is pretty solid laptop computer.  It has ample processiong power and it has proven to be very stable.  I was iffy about it having Windows Vista on it, but it has proven to be quite a nice little package.  I almost got the upgraded version with the HDMI ports and the Blu-Ray player, but I honestly didn't need it, I just thought it was cool. The only bummer about this laptop is the RAM, it comes with 2gb and I wish it came with 4gb (even though Windows will only use ~3.5gb), but this is a cheap upgrade that I'll probably just do myself.  The screen is nice and big and very clear.  I link this up to my TV quick and easy, and the battery lasts decently long in power saver mode.  Overall, a nice and powerful alternative to a tower based PC.  I would but it again.

Reno, NV


Sony Vaio VGN Notebook PC

3.7 6