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Sony Vaio Notebook PC

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I love the Sony Vaio, its extremely lightweight and versatile.


The Sony VAIO V505 is good looking; sporting the trademark purplish-gray, magnesium-alloy case of most VAIOs, along with just the right combination of ports and slots. It also offers integrated 802.11b/g wireless and your choice of built-in DVD/CD-RW or DVD-RW drives. The Sony VAIO V505 laptop's performance is less impressive, but it's sufficient for basic tasks, such as Web surfing and e-mail. While we're not thrilled about its one-year warranty, you should give the Sony VAIO V505 serious consideration if you're shopping for a thin-and-light laptop. I love the Sony Vaio, if you do not own one right now, go out and buy one. Your life will thank you.


Grayson, KY


SONY, he ONLY laptop I would EVER purchase!


    Up until about two years ago, I really didn't feel comfortable recommending ANY laptop to family/friends or clients. However, I purchased my FIRST Sony Vaio laptop a year and a half ago. Since then, I have recommended Sony Vaio's exclusively. I know of 8 people who purchased this particular model " Sony Vaio VGN-FE680G ". I have only had ONE tech support call from any of the purchasers, and it happened to be that client's FIRST computer ever. The call ended up becoming a tutorial on internet usage. Another client was so impressed with their Sony Vaio VGN-FE680G, they are going to purchase ANOTHER one for their daughter when she starts nursing school next month. I've been building Desktop pc's for over twenty years now, and as good as I am, I am still unable to 'build' a laptop, lol.     One of the most important issues as far as I'm concerened when dealing with laptops, is the battery life. The Sony Vaio VGN-FE680G battery has never let anybody down that I know of who owns it. I'm not even sure how important it is to those that I've recommended it to, but I do know that it's charge 'life' has been more than satisfactory for ALL of them.  


Rumford, ME


Love this laptop


Great laptop! Love this processing, comfy keyboard, reliable with few glitches. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to view a lot of windows at once and needs to switch quickly between windows. not a bad gaming computer either!


Clementon, NJ


its ok for the money


I have been a pc user all my life, untill a few monthes ago I have finally gave up because of my vaio and now I am a mac user. I have encountered so many problems with this thing. I can't complain because i got it for only 500 bucks on black friday. This laptop came with so much garbage all ready installed on it that is compleatly worthless. I would never encourage this to anyone. Go buy a mac book with the worlds best os.


Plainfield, IL


I love my computer, if i ever get another it has to be the same


This computer is the best computer out there. I been using this computer for over 2 years already and have never any problems with it. I recommend Sony to everyone, a lil bit expensive but is worth it.


Allentown, PA


The Sony Vaio is great


This is my first laptop and I love it! It is big but not heavy, and powerful enough to accommodate everything I want to do with the machine. I use the heck out of it and have had zero problems. I highly recommend it!


Earlysville, VA


Easy to use.


The Sony Viao is small and light weight and easy to use.  You can take it anywhere and have a world of knowledge at your finger tips.  It comes in many colors so you can pick the color of your choice or the one that meets your mood.  I would highly recommend the Sony Viao.


Manchester, KY


The best laptop in the world.


This Sony Vaio VGN-FE680G computer is the greatest advance in laptop computers since the first laptop was presented!  I purchased my Sony Vaio VGN-FE680G several months ago as I was about to embark on a once in a lifetime trip to the UK and wanted to take a computer with me for connecting with family and friends via email and to download my photos from my digital camera to my computer to always have room on my SD camera card.  It was important to me that any computer I bought would be light enough to carry with me without being burdensome or make me regret carrying it throughout my travels.*  *I love it in every way possible. I have everything on my laptop. Everything from pictures, to videos. This laptop does everything. It is deffinately something I would reccomend to any one who appreciates the beauty of computers. I LOVE it. Myfamiy loves it. I have no complaints about this computer. :)


Middleburg, FL


Sony offers a high quality laptop in the Vaio


The Sony Vaio VGN-FE680G Laptop has been one of my smartest purchases as a student and professional.  I use my Sony Vaio everyday for work and school and I have never been let down.  This laptop computer is equipped with all the features that one would need in today's technical world.  The high definition screen is excellent for viewing pictures or watching movies, you might want to get some good speakers for watching films since the speakers on the computer are not too efficient.  This laptop is perfect for everyday use and is fairly durable.  The only negative remark I would have is that the bottom of the computer does seem to get a bit hot while running. I use my laptop to write papers for school using word docs, I have my entire itunes library on it, which is one of my favorite applications to use with my computer, and I also use my Sony Vaio everyday for work, I type up reports and investigate job-site photos using the high definition screen.  This laptop computer is a great buy!


Santa Barbara, CA




The VAIO VGN-FE680G notebook is a good tool for the user looking for a performance notebook computer. Our community of discerning portable computer users universally appreciates their VAIO VGN-FE680G**'s.** It is nice looking and handy. This computer is GREAT!...I have been using this computer for six months with not one single problem. It comes with  with a 15.4" TFT active matrix display, powerful Intel Core Duo T2400 processor at 2.0GHz, up to 2GB DDR2 RAM, wireless LAN, DVD/RW drive, and a 160GB hard drive. Color is OK


New York, NY


Sony Vaio Notebook PC

4.6 16