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Sony Vaio Notebook PC

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I'm still madly in love with my Sony.


I've owned my Sony for approx. 4 years, and in that time I've seen my sister go thru 3 different HP. and Dell. laptops. This Sony has even hit the floor, and it just keeps giving me perfect performance with quick start up. Sister's Dell hit the floor and the screen cracked and it died instantly! It did take some time for me to delete all the free trial programs that were included, but that was a small inconvenience. The screen is large and vivid. The graphics are beautiful. It was preloaded with IE as the search engine, but I just put Firefox in and it works fantastic with the Vista program that came preloaded on the Vaio. My next computer will definitely be a Sony. Ease of Use Start up was very quick, and with all the diagnostic tools built in to the programming it's easy to fix little software problems Battery Life My battery did die within the first year of ownership, but customer service sent out a new one next day delivery for free and it's been working fine since then Support & Service As I mentioned before, the one time I had need of any type of support they handled it quickly and efficiently. Speed/Performance I'm very happy with the speed and the performance of the Sony Vaio Design I love the keyboard on this computer. It is comfortable on the hands and doesn't make the loud clacking noise that some computer's make when you type on it. Durability This is the most rugged laptop I have ever used.



Fast & Efficient


The overall great notebook for school, work, and play.  It is versatile, sleek, and ultimately powerful.  Loads my programs at lightning speed, and with the online plugins and updates, problems are corrected before they become aggravated.  This is the best investment I ever made.  Go SONY!  Buy **Sony vaio VGN160E!!!**

Seal Beach, CA


Really a nice, reliable, well made computer.


I've had quite a number of different brands of computer and by far my Sony Vaio is the best I've had. It is reliable, built well, and I haven't had a single problem with it in the 2 years I've had it. You do pay a little more for the Sony name, but can get a good deal if you watch the sales and the little bit higher price is well worth it. The added software extras and the built in features are great and make it a very flexible computer.

Sheboygan, WI


I love this! the mouse is wonderful and easy to use


I couldn't have asked for a better quality PC, the screen and graphics are excellent, I have gotten used to Windows Vista (I have the Home Premium edition) It's a very fast PC, 2 GB is adequate for what I do. I download and upload alot but do not play any games other than the preloaded games.

Cape Coral, FL


i like


got this laptop for christmas.  having gone thru a number of available makes and styles, my heart was set on a mac, but it was out of my price range, plus i felt threatened by the new vista program.  But i can say that im not having any trouble with it, it is not hard to navigate and it has some nice features.  

Towaco, NJ


Sony Vaio Notebook PC

4.8 5