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Sony Vaio Hybrid Convertible

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Sony Vaio Fit 15A - 15.5" Convertible PC


This is a great computer. It serves as my laptop and also a tablet. Ease of Use This laptop can be used as a standard laptop. The monitor also folds down neatly and you now have a nice tablet. In tablet mode, the keyboard is protected by the monitor. Battery Life I believe I am getting just over 3 hours of battery life. This time would include a fair amount of internet browsing Support & Service I have not used service and support yet. Speed/Performance It has a solid state drive which is lightening fast. It boots up in less than 1/2 a minute and programs open just as quickly. The display is beautiful, as nice as my Ipad. I am a grandma so viewing photos and videos is important. It had Windows 8 which I immediately upgraded to 8.1. The touchscreen is so nice and is quite sensitive. I also have the capacitive stylus which is nice when in tablet mode. Design It is a very slick looking computer. Mine is all black. The keyboard is slightly recessed so when the monitor is in tablet mode the keys are protected. The monitor has a lock so it cannot be accidentally flipped down when in laptop mode. Overall, it h as a nice thin appearance and for its size it is still fairly light to carry around. Durability Everything on this computer has a good firm feel. The monitor stays in place when in laptop mode.



Sony Vaio Hybrid Convertible

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