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Sony VGN-CS215J Notebook PC

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Sony VGN-CS215J Notebook isn't all that bad


Though I admit I have had major issues with this computer when I first bought it (it came with a melted harddrive and defective fan), the warranty covered those and I havent had trouble since. I'm not a heavy computer user and I do turn this off every night to give it rest. So far, this has been great treatment for it. This computer is just beautiful in white ivory. I made a splurge purchase on it right when I saw it, though I was not there to purchase a computer that day in the store. The keys are nice, however the cool new keyboard covers they have at sony stores do not have the size to fit for this model. Also the pointer pad is still in good shape. The customer service I had to deal with to get my laptop fixed was alright. There were complications but it was fixed in the end and without any problems. Mostly though, taking care of the laptop for normal wear (cleaning it, getting it a case, etc) should let you use this for a while.  

Riverside, CA


My Sony Vaio is lightweight and is easy to carry around.


I bought my white Sony Vaio VGN-CS215J almost a year ago.  First I had some problems with the fan. It made really loud noises after I worked on it for about five minutes. Everytime I searched for something it made a loud rattle noise, which embarrassed me when I was in a room with many other people.  However,  because my Sony Vaio warranty lasted for two years, I was able to have it fixed without any cost.  Within a week after I called customer service, Sony sent in a technition to replace the fan. The technition was really professional and friendly. He replaced the fan on my laptop within fifteen to twenty minutes and answered all my questions. Since then my laptop has been performing quite well. I receive many compliments for how nice the laptop looks. I mostly use my laptop for entertainment uses. I had a great experience taking pictures and having video chats because the quality of the webcam is great. I can watch videos and listen to music with ease. The many programs that run don't freeze the laptop.  Its like a lightweight entertainment system that I can carry around with me anywhere.

Garden Grove, CA


The best purchase I've made in a long time.


I bought my Sony Vaio VGN-CS215J in March 0f 2009 when I started back to school at Cal Poly Pomona University. I absolutely love this computer. It is without a doubt the best purchase I have made in a long time, as well as the best computer purchase I have ever made. I love the sleek view of the PC as well as the lightweight. When I am using it in public I always recieve comments on how nice looking it is. In fact it is often confused for a macbook, which I don't mind. I am happy with the battery life of my Sony as well. When using it at home or the library I plug it into an oulet and take out the battery so it will have a longer life. When I am not near anelectrical outlet, however, my battery almot always lasts as long as I need it to, which is definitely a plus. One thing I do not like about this computer, though,is that eventhough it has dolby surround sound stereo speakers and claims to have high performance sound, the soud quality and volume are ot what I would hope.

Ontario, CA


Sony VGN-CS215J Notebook PC

3.7 3