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Sony VAIO desktop computer

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i love you, my sony viao!


although computers scare me, this sony has just done so much for me and my kids. it is powerful and very easy to use! i got it several years ago, but it has never seemed to get lost in the years, and has put up with use from adults, children, and yes, even TEENS, and has stayed solid for me without losing it's punch, or quality. i even had a service call with a geeks-on-call franchise owner, who i asked, so all in all, what do you personally think of this model of computer, particularly MY computer, and he said that it was an outstanding machine that stands the test of time, and was very positive about his experience with the computer itself and the performance that it has had for the other customers who have been fortunate enough to have invested their hard-earned money towards such a terrific desktop computer as this one absolutely is!!! with the years that i have had with it, and seen what it is capable of doing, and putting up with!, i have to say that i am completely impressed and very thankful that i have gotton my moneys' worth!

Longmont, CO


Sony VAIO desktop computer

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