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Sony VAIO VPC Notebook PC

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never had a single problem


This laptop runs smoothly always and is very dependable. I am not any kind of a computer expert by any means but every other computer I have had has given me problems, bugs, crashing, viruses, freezing up, you name it. The Vaio has never once done any of these things and I have used it in every capacity. It's fast for running any programs or just surfing the internet.  The battery life is pretty good. The screen size is ideal, large enough to watch a movie or read everything, but it's also small enough to be portable. The weight is the only negative thing I'd say about it, it's just not as lightweight as some other laptops. The problem with the very lightweight laptops, of course, is that they are not very durable and they don't last.  I've brought my Vaio with me everywhere, long distance trips, in luggage, camping, etc, and it's still working perfectly. All in all I've found it the most reliable computer I've ever used.


New Britain, CT


You can't do better than a Sony Vaio laptop


I recently received a Sony Vaio laptop as a birthday present and I must say it is pretty awesome. It runs with Windows 7 which is also a major plus!! It is a bright pink one which matches my personality and it runs super fast. The screen size is pretty big which I love and the quality of the screen is amazing. Watching videos on here is almost like watching it at the movies or a dvd. They come in variety of colors so there is one to match everyone's personality. They have black, white, blue, pink, and brown. I love that everything is so easy to find on this laptop and the keyboard is pretty easy to type on as well. I would definitely recommend the Sony Vaio Laptop to anyone looking for a good laptop. They are among the pricier laptops but I think they are definitely worth the price for everything you are getting. You're getting a nice laptop, an awesome operating system, great quality screen, and easy to use keyboard and a variety of colors to choose from. Sounds great, right? Well what are you waiting for? Go out and buy one!


Gallipolis, OH


Love this Computer


My other computer crashes so I was in a hurry to buy a laptop. I grabbed one of the cheapest laptops that I could find and it has been a great computer. I love this SONY computer. I love the white exterior and it is very classy looking. It has a sleek style to it that I really like. For the times that I have taken it out of our house- people have commented that it looks nice. I think it is because of the white exterior. Most laptops have a dark look to them - this is unique - besides the mac. I use it just to load pictures and get on the internet. It gets carried around my house all the time.It has been very reliable for us and it is very easy to use. One thing I like is that I have a little Sony digital camara and I can put the memory card right in the computer and it will load my pictures up. That is one benefit to having a Sony computer and Sony camara.   I have had it for two years and I would definately recommend it to anyone.


Rochester, MN


Sony VAIO VPC Notebook PC

5.0 3