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Sony VAIO Notebook

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Sony Vaio a great choice


Before i Start ill let you know i have had many laptop computers in the past from dell to toshiba. My overall expericnce has been great. Ive had the conputer for almost a year no and ive had no problems. It runs smooth and is so far the best computer ive ever had. my only complaint would be the battery life. Its very short and has been since i bought it. Ive gotten planty of compliments from the looks to the feel. I bught computer due to its price ,size and colot. I am a girl and a wanted a portable laptop that i could look at. I would definatly recommend this product to a friend. Although it and i3 ive had no issues with overall speed. Everything works the way it should and the quality od the product has not diminshed since i bought. One thing i like about it is i feel i got a quality / stylish product for reasonable price. If your interested in a apple computer  but cant afford one this is a good fit. Its got plenty of entertainment features.

Glendale, AZ


Great Laptop


This is a great laptop that I purchased to use for school. The battery life on average has been around 2hours for me, although most of its life is spent on my desk as a desktop replacement. I have owned this laptop for a little under a year, and I am now having to replace the HD under warranty. The HD began making a clicking noise, which is common right before a HD crash...luckily all of this happened before my warranty expired. This laptop has been great as a media PC as well. It has worked perfectly connected to my HDTV via an HDMI cable, and watching Netflix, movies and Hulu have been seemless and look great. The laptop is also very comfortable to type on, with the chicklet type keys that are standard on other VAIO laptops as well. The keyboard is especially great if you have larger hands since you will be less likely to mistype the wrong key. The fit and finish is very typical of a Sony laptop, it is well constructed and feels fairly solid, although the battery does feel slightly loose. My laptop is shiny black and it is a fingerprint magnet. Overall this laptop has been great.

Baltimore, MD


Sony VAIO Notebook

4.5 2