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Sony VAIO Notebook PC

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Outdated but still running


I currently own a Sony Vai GVN SZ430N. I've had ownership over this notebook for about two years now and prior to that it was purchased for retail and cared for for three years. It's almost the year 2011 and going on into its 6th year of usage and Im surprised that it's still capable of running and operating accordingly. Compared to the other computers out now a days, it's obviously out dated but still is quite capaple. The only exceptions I would have to that is that it's not windows 7 friendly. Yes, it can run it but many of its drivers won't function correctly, if at all. Also, the fan is very poor. after a couple of years of usage, the fan becomes weak and need a replacement otherwise it will produce a very loud sound very much like any other old computer. When that happens the computer overheats and begins to run VERY slowly. My suggestion would be to invest in either another computer or fan.

Palmdale, CA


So far, I've been very satisfied with my VAIO VGN-NR430E.


This is the very first laptop that I've owned, and so far, I'm extremely satisfied with its performance.  The only thing that I do not like so much about it is the battery life, but I can definitely deal with that, because so many places that I use this laptop at have plugs for me to charge it anyway. Some of the main reasons that I chose this laptop is because I was looking for the least expensive laptop with a brand name.  As you all know, Sony is well known in electronics, and I was much happier getting it than getting a Dell.  I guess that I like saying that I own a Sony laptop.  But in addition to the brand name, I was also very impressed by the pricing.  It was probably one of the least expensive laptops at the time that I was looking, and it definitely was a lot more loaded than most other laptops that I was looking at around the same price range. The only other complaint that I had about this laptop is that it only came with a trial version of Microsoft Vista.  I didn't like Vista at first, but I got used to using it ... the only thing was that a lot of things had an expiration date, so I was forced to get my own copy of Microsoft ... which was not a problem for me. 

Monterey Park, CA


The Vaio is great


          The Sony VAIO is a great laptop.  It is a very small light - weight, easy to read, a built in mouse, very easy - to - use, bright eyed and wide clear screen, comes with built in dvd player, trial versions of new and up - incoming features and applications.  You can switch between the classic view, new view, or sort of customized views.  A bunch of nw icons for anything and everything.  Keep the fans uncovered or you will feel the heat real quick.

Hialeah, FL




The Sony Vaio is pretty to look at, but not as good of quality as I would have expected from Sony. It freezes up alot, needs additional speakers because the sound quality isn't very impressive when listening to music or watching dvds. There isn't a handy one touch mute button or a volume up or down button on the keyboard, you have to click on the sound button and proceed to adjust volume from there. I can be sitting side by side with someone with a different brand laptop watching a youtube video and theirs buffers way faster than mine also when playing video games "please wait" comes on the screen frequently while my opponent is still playing away. To say the least, this Cherry Blossom pink Sony Vaio is cute and turns heads but if I had to do it all over again I would purchase something more practical and effecient. This Sony is ok for basics of sending and receiving emails or exploring the internet slowly, but it is not alot of bang for your buck.

Spring Hill, FL


Sony VAIO Notebook PC

3.8 4