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Sony VAIO Notebook PC

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Not Impressed, many tech problems involved!


I am currently using my Sony Vaio notebook and a few months after it was gifted to me the fan has been making loud sounds. A relative of mine thought it was a lawn mower it was so noisy! It has only gotten worse. Now it makes a lower toned noise but seems like its breaking..the fan is slowly but surely failing and it continues to overheat the system. A few months ago it has been getting so overheated that it was turning off by itself everytime i opened the internet or any application for that matter! So i began to take it apart and see if i could replace the fan but they make it so that the fan cannot detatch from the system. If that weren't enough to tick someone off wait till you hear this. This type of system made by Sony is considered a big failure in the making. It's been giving me so much trouble. Everytime i start it up and i try to open the internet it freezes the whole desktop. I can't do anything, except turn the thing off. It will eventually quit if i repeat this step but that may take hours. Sure the system is good for the internet but thats when and if it even works. A downside to the laptop when it works is that it doesnt have a great graphics card. So it cannot play pc games very well. The memory is also pretty small for its size. I will be on the internet and it will begin to load slower and slower until it freezes. this is due to lack of memory space. I only keep 3 applications on my laptop (not counting the essentials) so i shouldn't be having this problem. No big files either. So i have to download a pc cleaning software to take care of it for me. It helps but the laptop will surely begin to slow again. So if you haven't gotten the product i do not recommend it whatsoever. Big chance you will regret it. Now sony is a great company and all but this is just one of few of their failure systems. If you have already bought the product i suggest you keep a lot of memory space and download CCleaner. It does not give any viruses and cleans your PC of unwanted stuff you dont need. All in all, please take my word for it. You will regret buying this product. thank you for your time.

Batavia, OH




 this is DEFINATELY A STYLISH LAPTOP, with a clear, HUGE, high quality screen. the keyboard is standard, with a touchpad. comes with Windows Vista pre-installed the customer service is very nice (2 year warranty) with IM, e-mail, and phone 24/7, which is nice for people like me who LOVE customer service. it isn't the lightest laptop out there, but it's very stylish, though HARD TO MAINTAIN CLEAN because the shell of the laptop is textured--IT GETS DIRTY VERY EASILY. another con i have about it is that it's battery life is VERY short. i can't carry it everywhere not only because it's so heavy/bulky, but also because it can't survive 20 min. on its own battery power (but maybe that's because I have a few programs running in the back). A small little thing I have to say about the left/right clickers of the touchpad is that it's loud, and can grate on your nerves. My Acer laptop that I have doesn't have as loud a click, and neither does either one of my Logitech mice. After having it for about 2 years now, I can say that the screen is still amazing, the surface has gotten a few shades darker, the keyboard is still nice, but the touchpad's left/right keys aren't in their prime-the right key needs to be pressed in the middle for the computer to register a right-click.

Skokie, IL


SONY VAIO VGN-N365E - a descent laptop in the range


Hi everyone ,This is my first review hope i wil be able to do justice. I recently bought SONY VAIO N365E laptop. Sony is a very reputed brand and as expected the laptop is sturdy and performance packed. The laptop is cool, quite and very good for daily internet and computer activities. Supports demanding softwares like photoshop, engineering simulation tools pretty well. Being dual core its little lower in performance to core2duo but still for the price its pretty good. The only thing i dont' like about this laptops is its weight (about 6 pounds), Its very heavy and can't be carried along for long time.

College Park, MD


love it


The Sony Vaio vgn-nr385e is a great computer for everyday activities. It is not an incredibly small computer, but it is lightweight and durable. Thebattery lasts a long time. It is a great computer for the inexpensive cost. The screen is awesome to watch movies on.

Snohomish, WA


I love my VAIO laptop!!!


I bought this VAIO laptop about a month ago and I love it. I haven't had any problems at all. The set up was super easy. I took it out of the box and within a hour I had it ready to connect to the internet. I got rid of some of the software that was included with the computer but I kept some. People have complained about Vista but I haven't had any problems so far. Also I've heard people complain that laptops heat up fast and get very hot. This Vaio is great. I've kept it on for 6 hours straight and it barely warms up. I don't even need a cool down pad. As far as battery life is concerned I am also impressed. It gets about 3 hours with charging. I use this computer everyday and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Effort, PA


Sony VAIO Notebook PC

4.0 5