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Sony - Trinitron Television

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Heavy and hardy


I got this tv from a friend, and she had it for several years before me. It is a VERY heavy television, it took two men and a dolly to get it out of her home. It practically bounced down her steps, and was a tight squeeze in the back of our explorer, but it made it home. It still works perfectly, only rarely there is a high pitched noise coming from it that lasts about thirty minutes. My son loves to get close to his cartoons and I don't have to worry about the tv moving because it is so heavy, and I even have a baby gate attached to the side. Picture Quality It doesn't matter what kind of show I am watching, I can always see it clearly. I am also a gamer, and the screen size is wonderful for one and two player games. Sound Quality I have never had to turn it up more than halfway, even with a one year old son! Durability I could not be more pleased with how durable this tv is! It has bounced down stairs, rolled into the house, and withstood my son assaulting the front with toys, food, and drool. Design It has a flat screen, the corners are slightly rounded, but it sits almost two feet away from the wall and I have been afraid to try to get a tv stand because of the weight of the tv itself. Performance Years of working everyday, almost all day, and the color is still there.



Sony - Trinitron Television

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