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Sony Tablet

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Sony S tablet


I love my Sony S tablet!!! I have had it for about 2 years and have not had any problems with it at all. I actually won this tablet from the dr. oz giveaway. It is a very good tablet it is fast and good battery life. It is a android and has tons of apps. Battery Life battery life is very good I will charge it fully and I can do my email stream movies and my kids play games all on just that one charge will still have battery life left after a long day of using Processing Speed Processing speed is good, it is fast and has not slowed down yet Weight It is not heavy at all, it just the right weight as any other tablet App Availability It has the play store (android market) with lots of apps to download. We have many apps downloaded, some for me and lots for the kids. Design I like the design of the sony s tablet it is not flat in the back but has a little bump at the top to help keep it from being flat down (so it can get air i think) Durability It is very durable my kids have drop it a few times and it is still in good shape, it did not bust or crack


Blountsville, AL


To tablet or not to tablet


That is of course the question. I used to be a desktop guy, said i would never use a laptop. Years later...I cant put my laptop down, i love it, i need it. Then tablets came, i thought...i don't need this, ill never use it. Again, the test of time has proven me wrong. I love this sony Tablet! It's a laptop , only more efficient! It does all the same stuff without getting hot in your lap and taking up room. Its great when your on the move. Sitting in the waiting room at an appointment, get some work done, catch a film on netflix! With so many apps to choose from and the ease of accessibility it makes this a very obvious choice for those who love Computers. Go and get one....NOW!


Hillsdale, NY


We love our Sony tablets


I bought two of these, one for each of my eldest children. I have to be honest and say I didn't know much about tablets when I made the purchase. My girls LOVE this tablet. So much so, I have to strictly keep track of the time they spend on it. If left to their own devices they would play with it 20 out of 24 hours :). It game with play store pre-downloaded and I'm now hearing that no all tablets do so that is a plus. It is also moisture resistant which is important with kids. I purchased this about 3 months ago and so far it seems like a great choice.






Love the book design-it certainly makes it more comfortable to hold and easier to use on a flat surface. Seems to have a fairly fast processor, good screen graphics lots of apps on the android market. Only downside was it was purchased to access the playstation network and download games which have not been able to figure out to date as network is set up mostly for access through a Playstation 3. Crash Bandicot was loaded in memory when purchased, but unable to get any other games to load from network Battery Life Unless fully shut down, battery runs out in less than a day even if screen on sleep mode Processing Speed Compares to Ipad Weight Easy to carry App Availability Android market Design Love the book shape Durability No issues so far after 6 months


Clifton, NJ


An Amazing Innovation!!!!


I love my tablet! I like how easy it is to use and the LCD screen is the best. The picture clarity is great. Bonus with this tablet is that you can sync other Sony products. Battery Life I love the fact that you can set the tablet to sleep mode, this helps save on battery usage. I have owned my tablet for only a few months, so there is still much I need to learn about my tablet. I do notice that it takes a while for the battery to charge fully. Processing Speed When first turned on, it takes a while for loading. For that reason only, I give a good instead of a very good rating. Weight Perfect!!!! Easy to handle and hold. App Availability You have access to 1000's of apps. Hundreds are free, but, you do have to pay for apps if you don't want to see advertising. I downloaded a free app for a game that I really wanted, and after downloading I was getting all these different advertisements. I had to pay (granted it wasn't a lot, but still!) if I wanted to play without seeing the advertisements pop up every couple of minutes. Design I just Love the design of the Sony tablet S !!! The way that the tablet is designed makes holding it feel very comfortable and light weight. As far as I know, this is the only tablet that that has a card slot and a usb port! Durability I use it daily, I haven't dropped it! It hasn't froze up on me.


Bradenton, FL


Awesome! Can't go wrong with Sony


I've had this tablet for a few months now and I really love it. Just to be clear this is my first tablet and my first android device so I was a little unsure of how to use it at first. However, it is super easy to understand and now I'm able to use my tablet easily. Overall, the tablet is comfortable to hold, has strong battery life, has crisp screen definition and is pretty fast. It also comes pre-loaded with awesome features, which I will detail further on later. Battery Life I haven't done a test to see how long my battery lasts by keeping it on and leaving it, but from what I've seen, using it for about 2-3 hours a day, gives me about 4-5 days on a single charge. This to me is pretty good. My recently acquired smartphone needs to be charged everyday and although I keep it on all day, I still think 4-5 days is pretty good for a tablet. Processing Speed So far I haven't noticed any lag and everything has been fast and speedy. I've surfed the web on it and pages load up fast (about the same as my laptop) and I haven't had any problems with other apps either. Weight The one great thing about the Sony Tablet is it's ergonomic design. It's built so that the weight is distributed on the top so that you can't tell how heavy it really is when your holding it. I think this is a really clever idea and it allows you to hold your tablet without getting arm cramps and feeling tired. I personally think this is on of the best features of the tablet. Lately, many tablets have been moving towards the lighter thinner finishes and this is great, but this design distributes the weight evenly among the whole tablet leading to it seeming heavy after holding it for a while. Not so with the Sony Tablet. It's design makes it seem very comfortable to hold and with the right case it looks great as well! App Availability Basically the android market. I haven't browsed the apple market but for my purposes the app availability is just fine. I mean its not like a need a "grains of sand in the beach" counter or anything (there is probably an app for that in the apple market), so I'm fine with the useful apps available on my Sony. I also love the pre-loaded apps. It has playstation games which is a huge plus for me. Crash bandicoot and pinball heroes is preloaded and you can add other games as well. I just think this is so neat. Design As I mentioned before in the weight column, the Sony Tablet has a very creative and useful design. See above comments. Durability Great! I've had no issues with cracks or chips so it seems very durable to me so far. Just get a good solid case and you should be fine.


Cordova, TN


Good but far too many flaws.


I am torn between Poor and Satisfactory for this tablet. It takes a very long time to boot up. I like the design and it is lightweight but this doesn't make a good tablet. The stock speakers are useless. The stock browser is very spotty and many of the times you need to click multiple times in order for it to register. Battery is mediocre at best and I think it takes too long to fully charge and has to be on the charger far too frequent. The wifi is pathetic and by far the absolute worse I have ever experienced. Many apps don't work properly on this tablet and all the developers I have contacted say it is due to Sony. This DOES not have 16GB of available but actually has about half that. It is more like a 8GB of space. Seriously a misleading part of Sony advertising this as a 16GB tablet. It is far to complicated to access your added memory on this as it is not accessible at all from the main home page. Battery Life I find this is on the charger far too much. Speed/Performance It is slow overall. Design I like the design and it's weight. Feels good in your hands......Sony at least got this right.


Santa Clara, CA


Sony Tablet

4.4 7